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Role-playing game. Gothic 3 is a continuation of Gothic games, where the main storyline stays the same, bringing some new exciting options to make the game even more challenging. As in previous games, assume the role of a nameless hero who can pursue one of three career paths: warrior, archer or wizard. In the beginning of the game you should train the game's profession skills, like different schools of sorcery, mastering different weapons and many others. If you played the previous Gothic games, you will notice that the overall quest structure is more cohesive in this version. Be ready to travel to many areas, each of them require you to kill a certain number of monsters or taking certain items. The combat and control schemes are much more accessible in Gothic 3. Much of the gameplay time you are involved in combat. To be successful in the game you should know all the weaponry specifics.

Publisher: Aspyr Media

Extras and features:
· Lots of Weapons to Master
· Exciting Storyline
· Cohesive Combat System
· A Number of Challenging Tasks to Fulfill
· There are some technical problems in the game

Requirements: Windows

Alternative names: Gothic III, Gothic Three, Gothic3, Gothik 3, Gothics 3

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