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Guild Wars Factions

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Role-Playing game. Guild Wars Factions is a continuation of Guild Wars game. Here you will find a great amount of improvements, such as: lots of new characters, skills, a new exciting continent, called Cantha; two new professions (Assassin and Ritualist), and much more. You still control one character that has access to a number of unique skills, 8 of them at a time. The events of the game take place in the Continent, Cantha, where the politics is much more complicated than it was in Tyria. You can join guilds together in alliances to battle other alliances to gain and hold territory. There are two new kinds of missions: Alliance and Elite. Both of them are very exciting and challenging. Two new professions bring much fun to the game, though dozens of new skills are added for the previous game's professions as well. New story missions and new challenging tasks will test your playing skills to adapt to new situation and styles. Team players find a new ranging option added to the game. Solo-players will also be pleased to learn that a great amount of customization features can be used to enhance a character.

Publisher: NC Interactive

Extras and features:
· An Exciting New Continent, Cantha
· Two New Professions: Assassin and Ritualist
· Two Types of Missions: Alliances and Elite
· Three Game Modes: Solo, Cooperative and Competitive
· Not all the background music suits the Asian theme

Requirements: Windows XP

Alternative names: Guild War Factions, GuildWars Factions, GuildWarsFactions, Guilt Wars Factions, Guild Wars Fractions.

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