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Role-playing game. Marvel Ultimate Alliance is one of the best games from Marvel series, featuring a massive campaign with a great variety of Marvel universe villains, hidden extras and much more. The main goal of the game is to defeat Dr. Doom's plans. At the beginning of the game you play with the following characters: Captain America , Thor, Spiderman and Wolverine through in a while you are given a possibility to create your own custom team. With the game's progress several more characters are added to the gameplay, among them are: Blade, Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider, and the Silver Surfer. You are in charge of a group of four superheroes. Be ready to take part in a number of battles, becoming more powerful and customizing your characters. There are some details which give depth to the game's combat. Be ready to battle and interact with more than 140 characters. Experience great thrills in Marvel universe dealing with a number of famous comic characters! 

Publisher: Activision

Extras and features:
· Twenty Unique Playable Characters
· More than 140 Characters to Interact with
· Innovative Combat System
· Exciting Storyline
There are some technical flaws during the gameplay

Requirements: Windows 98,Windows 2000,Windows XP

Alternative names: Marwel Altimate Aliance, Mavel Ultimet Alience, Mervel Ultimat Allience

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