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Myst V: End of Ages

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Adventure game. Myst V: End of Ages is a nice improved version of the previous game. It suggests you to take part in the epic journey to the heart of the empire, assuming the role of the explorer who can save the whole civilization or destroy it with the wrong choices. There is a bit of summary information about the events of the previous games. Here you will start the game in the D'ni; your task is to restore it. The game doesn't expect you to have previous experience with the first versions of the game. There are two characters who accompany you throughout the game play, they are: a woman, named Yeesha, whose diaries you will find everywhere throughout the gameplay, and an enigmatic man, named Esher, who will appear from time to time giving you detailed information about the place you are in. You will face different kinds of problems while solving puzzles. The journey takes you through four different worlds, where you should find special objects, to use their power. With the game's progress you have a possibility to investigate the remaining ages in any order.

Publisher: UBI Soft

Extras and features:
· Several Different Control Methods
· Four Exciting Worlds
· Two Characters
· Several Control Methods
· The interactivity with the environment is limited

Requirements: Windows 2000,Windows XP

Alternative names: Myst 5: End of Ages, Mist V: End of Ages, Myst Five End of Ages, Myst 5 End of Ages, Mist 5 End of Age

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