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Sacred: Gold Edition

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   Role-playing game. Sacred: Gold Edition includes the original Sacred, Sacred Plus and Sacred Underworld expansion. All the events of the game take place in a beautiful and deadly Kingdom of Ancaria. You have a great possibility to lead a life of an adventurer in this exciting Sacred: Gold Edition pack. In this world, a great evil was brought by an ancient wizard, angelic warriors, Seraphim, in their turn defeated it. Now the evil returns. Do all you can to defeat it and bring peace to your world. Be ready to deal with a great variety of heroes, ranging from Wizards to Vampires and Gladiators. Each character is characterized by its own unique features, including special powers, weapons capabilities, and much more. You will fight against different enemies during 40 main quests and more than 250 side quests. Totally you have fourteen exciting regions to explore throughout the gameplay. Ancaria is a beautiful huge world, full of adventure and myths. Exploring the world, visiting different places you will develop new skills and discover new magical weapons which help you to reach your goal. You can also create your own custom combos and spells in the game. Don.t forget that your sword is your best friend in the game as you can rely on it fulfilling dangerous objectives.

Publisher: Encore

Extras and features:
Forty Challenging Main Quests
Over 250 Side Quests
Different Characters to Deal With
Fourteen Exciting Regions to Explore
Engaging Free Play Mode
The graphics has some flaws

Requirements: Windows XP

Alternative names: Sakred: Gold Edition, Sacrid: Gold Edition, Sacred: Golt Edition

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