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The Witcher

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Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

Role-Playing game. The Witcher is a must have game for all the fans of RP games. The game is full of varied monsters which must be defeated. It brings you to the story of the Witcher after 5 years from the final book. You are taken to the challenging Sapkowski’s world, where you should fulfill all the set tasks. The game consists of: The Prologue, Acts, and Epilogue. The Prologue to the game is for those who play the game for the first time. It teaches the player about the Witcher and its concepts. Various gameplay mechanics are also introduced to you in the Prologue. Be ready to enter a dark fanstasy world, full of dangerous forces. Lots of quests are broken into phases which can take quite a while to finish. The game is based on your decision making, every action has some result or consequence, so, you should be very attentive. It is not a game of black and white choices, everything is more complicated here. The game provides you with a very comprehensive Journal which tracks all the quests. You’ll constantly use the map of the world as well as a location map. Besides, there are different mini-games, which suggest you useful information throughout the gameplay. You won’t have any problems using the maps; they are rather easy to read and to use. The main character, Gerald, has a possibility to use two kinds of Witcher weapons: a steel sword and a silver sword. A steel sword can be used fighting against humans; and a silver sword against monsters. Besides, you can master hand to hand style, which will be very useful during Fist Fight mini games.

Publisher: Atari

Extras and features:
· The Game Consists of: The Prologue, Acts, and Epilogue
· Comprehensive Journal to Use
· Two Kinds of Witcher Weapons: Steel Sword and Silver Sword
· Exciting Fist Fight Mini-Games
· The voice acting is a bit annoying

Requirements: Windows XP,Windows Vista

Alternative names: Witcher, The Vitcher, The Wither, The Witche

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