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WarCraft III Expansion: The Frozen Throne

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Real-time strategy. War Craft III Expansion: The Frozen Throne is a great expansion pack which adds much of new content to the original game. The game delivers an engaging story, told from 4 perspectives. You can choose between two campaigns: single-player or multi-player. In single-player you will visit the war-torn world of Azeroth. There is a great amount of challenging games represented in a new version. The main duties stay the same in the game, including building up a base, raising an army, attacking an enemy and others. Each mission is charged with its own important objectives, featuring unique strategies. You won't play in the shoes of only one character, but as different ones. There are dozen of characters for you to choose. There are three types of exciting environments added to the game. You will also find new items and units in the game as well as types of weapons. Online multiplayer is also improved here, suggesting a number of improved multiplayer maps and new scenarios. 

Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

Extras and features:
· Three New Types of Environments
· Scenario-Editor Mode
· Two Options: Single-Player and Multiplayer
· Expanded Multiplayer Option
More types of scenarios must be added

Requirements: Macintosh,Windows XP,Windows

Alternative names: War Cravt III Expansion: The Frosen Trone, Worcraft III Ekspansion: The Frousen Thron

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