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World of Warcraft

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Role-playing game. All the events of the game take place four years after Warcraft series, a 24 years struggle between the Alliance . As in previous games, you create and customize your characters by yourself, choosing from a number of powerful classes and colorful races from Warcraft universe. You have a possibility to adopt two trade skills of the suggested ones, and combine them in useful way. You can sell items, made by your characters, earning as much money as you can. The game lets you accept up to twenty quests at a time. Be ready to visit a great amount of huge cities, facing great challenges and difficult tasks, exploring, questing and taking part in battles in Azeroth. World of Warcraft is rather complex game, suggesting an interesting and exciting storyline. In spite of this, it's rather easy to get the hang of things in the game. It even doesn't need any detailed tutorial, reference manual, which features various aspects of play, is quite enough for this game.

Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

Extras and features:
· Detailed Reference Manual
· Lots of Classes and Races to Choose From
· Impressive Graphics
· Challenging On-Line Gameplay
· The game is too similar to its predecessors

Requirements: Windows,Mac OS X,Windows XP,Macintosh

Alternative names: Wold of Warcruft, Word of Worcraft, Wolrd of Warcreft

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