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Role-playing game. It is a one more challenging expansion pack to Warcraft series. The Burning Crusade is about the Burning Legion's efforts to destroy life on Azeroth. You have a possibility to travel through the Dark Portal to confront the Legion in challenging battlefields. This time creating your character you are given two more playable races, including the magical Blood Elves. An entirely new continent, Outland, will bring you lots of challenges and exciting hours of gameplay. Try to show your best, protecting your land. The expansion pack brings hundreds of new quests, a number of new monsters and items, and much more. Here you will have a greater variety of professions to choose as well as races and classes. As all the Warcraft games, Burning Crusade suggests exciting on-line gameplay with a number of players.  

Publisher: Vivendi Universal

Extras and features:
· Two New Professions
· Entirely New Continent, Outland
· A Number of Challenging Battles
· Gorgeous Graphics
· Some quests are very repetitive

Requirements: Windows 2000,Macintosh,Windows XP

Alternative names: Wold of Warcruft Ekspansion: Berning Crusade, Word of Worcraft Ixpansion: Buning Criusade, Wolrd of Warcreft Expanshn: Bening Kruisade.

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