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Space simulation game. Freelancer game is a sequel set several hundreds years after the events in Digital Anvil's first game, Starlancer. The powers of the Western World have lost the lengthy war that divided humankind and colonized a distant star system. The game has involving plot that contains an interesting storyline. Freelancer game gives you an opportunity to play either outside of the campaign, ignoring the main storyline's missions or to play the game's multiplayer mode. If you choose single-player mode, your task is to kill the enemies of a number of political factions presented by the game or you can engage yourself in your own self-directed trade missions. There is a great variety of planetary bases, vessels and outposts in the galaxy, each of them gives you an opportunity to trade. The missions involve traveling to a nearby location to get cash. Use an excellent auto-map to plan your explorations. With the game's progress your character gain prestige within this or that faction. All the missions vary in difficulty depending upon your location in the gaming world.  

Publisher: Microsoft

Extras and features:
· Thirty Eight Exciting Levels
· Great Character Animations
· Detailed Tutorial
· Lots of Challenges
· There are a few flaws in graphics

Requirements: Windows 98,Windows 2000,Windows Me,Windows XP,Windows 95

Alternative names: Free lancer, Freelancers, Freelanser, Freelencer, Freelancers

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