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Immortal Cities: Children Of The Nile

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   Historic city-building game. Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile takes you into the exciting world, where you rule the whole empire with hundreds of people, each with their own lives. Assume the role of the Pharaoh of ancient Egypt and dive into exciting storyline with lots of challenging tasks and missions. Building the empire you should take into account the needs and desires of your citizens. Build your dynasty over 2000 years. It is the only strategy game where people are your primary resource. So, be ready to earn power and prestige as it can.t be bought. The fate of the people is in your hands. With the game.s progress the characters enhance from primitive hunter-gatherers to those who are able to labor operations. Your main task in the game is not just building your empire but exploring and combat neighboring provinces and expanding the diplomacy and trade. Your people should believe in your primacy which gives you a chance to create the greatest civilization of the ancient world. There is quite a number of challenging campaigns in the game. Most of them are quite difficult and interesting.

Publisher: Myelin Media

Extras and features:
Multiple Exciting Campaigns
Detailed Maps
Map Editor Option
Engaging Storyline
Challenging Tasks to Fulfill
Some parts of the game demands lots of micromanagement

Requirements: Windows XP

Alternative names: Imortal Sities: Hilrden of the Naile, Emmortal Citis: Cheldren ov the Nil.

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