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   Business simulation. Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis gives you a possibility to fulfill Dr. John Hammond.s dream - designing and developing the dinosaur theme park successfully. Show your best, creating the most amazing park ever! The pack includes two games, so you can either build the dinosaur park or take part in 12 action missions, testing your playing skills. Everything in the park depends upon you, build it, take care of it, survive it, and much more. The game contains real-time elements which make it true to life. Be always on the watch as the main attractions can kill you at any moment. You start the game on your own custom island, building exhibits, and constructing new fences to keep the dinosaurs on the distance. With the game.s progress you can create bigger dinosaurs, which generate a great interest among the customers. But at the same time the danger level arises. You will also hire archaeologists to dig up bones and do other kinds of work. The more material you collect and research the longer the dinosaurs live as a result. Be very attentive as you should take care not only of the park but of the money management as well.

Publisher: Vivendi Universal

Extras and features:
Two Games in One
Twenty Five Different Dinosaurs
Three Exciting Game Modes
Sometimes, the game forces you to use keyboard instead of using just a mouse

Requirements: Windows XP,Windows Me,Windows 2000,Windows 98

Alternative names: Jurasic Park: Operation Genesis, Jurassik Park: Operation Genesis, Yurassic Park: Operation Genesis, Jurassic Park: Operation Geneses

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