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Madden NFL 07 (PC)

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Football simulation. Madden NFL 07 is an exciting sport game which lets you control the game like never before. There is a great amount of helpful tutorials throughout the game play, use them to make your game much easier. There is a great amount of innovative rushing controls which feature lots of distinctive running styles and make the game be very interesting and unique. All the movements you make during the game play are intuitive. After you get the hang of the control system the game works very smooth. There is learning character in the game, as it teaches you the main rules and specifies of football. You have a possibility to choose between two game modes: The Franchise and Superstar. In Superstar game mode you can create a rookie player yourself and play every game for the length of the player's career. The main goal here is to get to the Hall of Fame at the end of the career. The Franchise mode stays the same as in previous game, nothing new is added. Try this game only once, and you will spend hours of fun at your computer!

Publisher: EA Sports

Extras and features:
· Two Exciting Game Modes: The Franchise and Superstar
· Lots of New Items Added
· Intuitive Controls
· Tons of Tutorials throughout the Gameplay
· Some of controls are too complicated

Requirements: Windows XP

Alternative names: Maddens NFL Seven, Maden NFL 07, MaddenNFL07

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