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Simulation. Welcome to Microsoft's Flight Simulator X where you can experience thrill and excitement of being a pilot of variety of planes. You have got simulator that make you feel as if you were control real aircraft. Here you can find great variety of jets such as ultra modern fighters, gliders, commercial airliners and helicopters. More than that, you can play a role of a stunt pilot, trying to land on a moving bus or other out-of-order landing grounds. During your missions you should collect rewards and souvenirs, which help you to complete the tasks. So choose one of 50 challenging missions and try to be the best and it does not matter what you are doing: going to the Area 51 or picking up a famous movie star. It is a great chance for you to train flying skills and have perfect time.

Publisher: Microsoft

Extras and features:
· 50 Challenging Missions
· Loads of Planes and Helicopters
· Realistic 3D Graphics
· Detailed Game World
· User-friendly Multiplayer Mode
· Bulky Controls

Requirements: Windows XP

Alternative names: Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Microsoft's Flight Simulation X, Microsoft's Flight Simulator.

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