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Polar Games for PC

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Life simulation. The main idea of the game is to control the lives of characters who called "sims". If you have played the previous series of the game, so you know what it means. Even if you haven't played you understand what to do, because it is only life. If you expect to find some new zillion ambitions, this game doesn't add them. Here you must do everything as usual: eating, sleeping, going to the potty, juggling relationships, motives, pets, careers and finances. But now you can also become farmers and plant crops in the field. If your plants are well-tended and watered, eventually bear fruit (or vegetables) they can be sold at market and converted into a variety of juice drinks that can supercharge your sims, fulfilling their hunger and energy needs as well as letting them create goofier formulas like love potions. Also you can fish and then your catch can be mounted on a wall as a decoration or cooked up to provide powerful hunger bonuses. Here you get 6 new career paths with their own commuter vehicles, special events and career rewards. Maybe it is time to became an Adventurer and see what it does. Observe that here no one will teach you how to live.

Publisher: Mumbo Jumbo

Extras and features:
· Stunning and Colourful 3D Graphics
· 6 New Career Paths
· Useful Group Activities such as fishing, making a snow, playing snowballs:
· New Neighborhood of Riverblossom Hills
· Camera scrolls slowly
· It is rather difficult to handle the budget
· The game is rather difficult
· The game doesn't differ much from the Sims 2

Requirements: Windows XP

Alternative names: Polar Game PC, PolarGames for PC, PolarGame PC

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