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Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific

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   Submarine simulation game. Dive into the exciting thrills of a real combat in Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific. The game features a naval warfare, immersive gameplay, innovative crew evolution and lots of action as never before. Be ready to hunt and kill controlling the U.S. submarines and crews and navigate the waters of the Pacific during WWII. You will try to fulfill a great diversity of objectives on more than 15 maps combined with different rewards. Try to show your best and earn as more rewards as you can as they bring upgrades for your subs. The game provides you with several difficulty levels which allow players both professionals and novice enjoy playing this game. Take under command various types of submarines and ship models. You will hunt, hide, and kill, not to be killed by your enemies to reach your aim. The game provides you with a challenging play in any of the modes it presents. It is not less interesting in multiplayer mode as well. There are missions that put you in the middle of battles, where you should dive into the action immediately. Some of the missions let you cruise around looking for adventures. The most interesting if career mode, which let you start the game from any period of WWII and go out on numerous war patrols.

Publisher: Ubisoft

Extras and features:
Fifteen Detailed Maps to Use
Unique Rewards
Endless Replay Value
Several Difficulty Levels
A Historic Map
There should be more types of submarines

Requirements: Windows XP

Alternative names: Cilent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific, Silent Hanter: Wolves of the Pacific, Silent Hunter: Volves of the Pacific, Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacifik

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