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Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

Life simulation. The Sims 2 Pets Expansion Pack allows you to create a pet for your Sims. Now the Sims can have dogs, cats, parrots and hamsters, so they can teach, play and love a pet. Parrots and hamsters spend their life in cages that's why it is not so interesting to breed them, though you can teach a bird how to speak. The real heart of the game are dogs and cats because they have nearly the same possibilities as the Sims. Your Sims can teach their pets tricks, take them for a romp in the park to meet other furry friends, or buy them toys, beds, and much more. Imagine that you can even make a pet to enter on a career. If you are persistent you'll see how a nice car pull up to Sims' house, pick up a pet to deliver it to a job and then return your star home later that day with a decent paycheck. You create your pet from a great number of different breeds. There are huge possibilities for customization, which let you choose size, age, ear types, fur color patterns, and tons of minor pet traits. More than that, you select features that influence on pet's character. So it is up to you whether your pet will be friendly or aloof, neat or messy, and quick to learn new tricks or a bit slower on the draw. Depending on personality cats and dogs interact with each other, they may fight with the neighbors' pets or be friendly with them, or even have such relationships that bring you new kitties or puppies.

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Extras and features:
· Colorful Detailed Graphics
· Let the Sims Take Care of Dogs, Cats, Parrots and Guinea-pigs
· Variety of Pet Breeds
· Wide Possibilities for Pet Customization
· Choose a Career for Your Pet
Adopt dogs, cats, birds, and guinea-pigs for your Sims to play with
· It takes too much time to make your pet a well-bred

Requirements: Windows 2000,Windows XP,Windows 98,Windows Me

Alternative names: The Sims II Pets Expansion Pack, Sims Two Pets Expansion Pack, The Sims 2 Pet Expansion, Sims two.

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