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The Sims Makin' Magic Expansion Pack

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   Virtual Life simulation. This is one more expansion pack to the famous Sims game series. The pack suggests the same way of playing the game with lots of improved items and features to make it even more fun than it was! There are over 175 new items and numerous new characters included into it. The specific feature of this pack is that the Sims have magical abilities to use either for fun or for evil. And it is up to you to decide, which of the choices more close to you is! Besides, you will notice that lots of new household objects are also added to the game play. You can also visit a new area, named Magic Town, any time you want to. Some of the options stay the same as in previous games. At the beginning of the game a mystery man appears at your door to drop off new magical equipment. And it is up to you in which you would use all the spell components.

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Extras and features:
Over 175 New Items to Use
Vivid 2D Graphics
Exciting Tasks to Fulfill
The graphics should be improved

Requirements: Windows 98,Windows Me,Windows XP

Alternative names: The Sems Makin. Magic Expansion Pack, The Sims Making Magic Expansion Pack, The Sims Makin. Madgic Expansion Pack

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