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The Sims Superstar Expansion PackPlayer's Award

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   Life simulation. One more expansion pack which brings lots of exciting hours of gameplay and fun to your computer! Of course the game doesn't change the original concept of the game, adding new features and lots of improvements since the previous games. Here you will dive into show businesses with your Sim but at first you should create a Sim with unique appearance and personality whom you are going to control during the gameplay. You will try to develop the required skills of your Sim in three worlds: film, music, and fashion. The tasks you are suggested to fulfill bring lots of fun, for example you will have to jump on the stage and sing karaoke to build your local fame. Your main goal is to become famous, spending lots of hours in Studiotown. Besides, you will do everything to satisfy the traditional eight core Sim motives including: comfort, hunger, bladder, and hygiene. The expansion differs from the previous games a bit; your Sim is not going to purchase any items. Now you will collect more than 150 Game Boy Advance exclusive objects such as: a Punching Bag, Finishing Rod, and Boom Box. Overall, this game involves more work than the previous games.

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Extras and features:
Three Challenging Worlds: Film, Music, and Fashion
Over 150 Game Boy Advance Exclusive Objects to Collect
Lots of New Features and Items
Engaging Storyline
The game needs to much work to be done

Requirements: Windows 2000,Windows XP

Alternative names: The Sems Superstar Expansion Pack, The Sims Superstar Ixpansion Pack, The Sims Cuperstar Expansion Pack, The Sims Superstar Expansion Pak.

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