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F.E.A.R. GoldPlayer's Award

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Rate: 71% /100 Price: $3999   Read full F.E.A.R. Gold reviews

Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

Genre and what to do:
Action game. F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault Recon) is an intense combat experience with rich atmosphere and a deeply intense paranormal storyline presented entirely in first-person. Be the hero in your own spine-tingling epic of action, tension, and terror. F.E.A.R. Gold is the action shooter where you're more than just a soldier - you're a weapon. For anyone that hasn.t played F.E.A.R. the game is a top-notch first-person shooter (FPS) that blends intense action with a suspenseful and disturbing storyline. The game has you playing the role of a soldier in the F.E.A.R. unit, which stands for First Encounter Assault Recon. The F.E.A.R. unit is trained to deal with situations other armed forces units are not equipped to handle such as paranormal events. You can feel yourself as the real hero and be one of the greatest soldiers of our times.

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
The game is full of great graphics and stunning sounds. Some of the textures in the game might appear a little bland but the rest of the graphics are mind blowing. The problem with the graphics is the game.s engine can be too much to handle at times for some graphic cards and systems. The game does an optimization test for your system to play the game but still read many complaints about people had playing the game. The music in the game is a great example of less is more in setting the mood. You get small pieces of music playing usually with only short notes or just noise to make you feel uneasy and on the edge of your seat while playing the game. From time to time the music could change to a more booming score when the action heats up. The sound effects of the weapon fire is a treat since you get to hear every explosion and shell casing as they make impact or hit the ground. Totally the game is great with unpredictable sound effects and graphics.

Offline gameplay: 1 player
Multiplayer: Yes
Publisher: Sierra
ESRB Ratio: Teen

Extras and features:
· Stunning Graphics
· Huge Authentic Arsenal
· Sophisticated Sound System
· Exciting Storyline
· Camera scrolls slowly

Requirements: Windows XP/Vista,Processor: PIV 1.7 GHz,DirectX 9.0c,512 MB RAM,Free hard drive space: 5 GB,3D Accelerator 64MB DirectX 9.0c,16-bits Sound Card

Alternative names: Fear Gold, F.E.A.R. Godl, F.E.A.R. Goold, F.A.E.R. Gold.

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