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Max Payne 2

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Rate: 66% /100 Price: $999   Read full Max Payne 2 reviews

Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

Genre and what to do:
Action game. This game is a direct sequel to the original and picks up after the events of that game. Max is a detective and wearier than ever of the world. Once again has his hands full as he finds himself hopelessly attached to the lovely Mona Sax, a murder suspect and part of a bigger plot that ties in to Max's own dark past. His main task or work is killing enemies. In this game his bullet time meter not only regenerates, but also it turns from white to yellow. As this happens, time moves even slower while Max moves even faster. So you should simply kill someone to move faster. Your foes can be practically helpless to stop you. Take gun and go to your war or simply to work.

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
When we start playing sequel we trying to compare it with the previous one and decide which one is better. These graphic novel sequences are unmistakably similar to those of the first game, though they are, in some cases, even more artistic this time around. This game is completed with melodramatic dialogue straight out of a pulp detective novel--and good voice-over to go with it. The story takes place in seemingly mundane locations, like warehouses and so on. There are a lot of guns to use. He largely uses the same types of pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, and shotguns that he used extensively in the past. The main addition here is the MP5 submachine gun, a mainstay in any shooter with real-world weapons. An AK-47 and a Dragunov sniper rifle are also available as in previous one. Max now has the ability to use any of his weapons as a bludgeon, though this is a throwaway feature that's useless and lousy-looking. He's still got access to grenades and Molotov cocktails, and one nice change from the first Max Payne is that he can have these equipped at the same time as his primary weapon. The sound is simply great. You get environmental noise like televisions and conversations panning around as you rotate, and there's also the drone of steady rain on the rooftop, and footsteps that sound different according to the floor surface. Every weapon sounded slightly different.

Offline gameplay: 1 player
Multiplayer: No
Publisher: Rockstar Games
ESRB Ratio: Mature

Extras and features:
· Cute Graphics
· New Types of Weapon
· Sumptuous Visuals
· Smooth Character Animations
· Excellent Sound Effects
· It is too hard to play sometimes.

Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista,Processor: PIII 1.0 MHz,DirectX 9.0,256 MB RAM,Free hard drive space: 1.7 GB,AGP 64MB DirectX 9.0

Alternative names: Max Payne II, Max Payne Two, Max Peyn 2, Mex Payne 2, Max Pyane 2.

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player'S REVIEW
Author Comment Date
MageKiller I will say that I liked the game Max Payne 2. Although I have not played first part I think it is good as well. In this game, I liked: graphics, a modern game engine, well written storyline, a lot of abilities of protagonist of the game and, moreover, the game has a second character available somewhere in the middle of the missions of the game. I played it long enough and I don?t regret for a spent time. You are offered to play a role of a detective. From the first mission, although it slightly boring, you can participate in a shootout with the bandits. There are decent missions that require a swarm of time to pass them. During the game you are supporting your faithful companion, which will be available to play in time, as I said already. I hope sometimes there will be a sequel released. Thank you for your attention) 18.08.11
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