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Soldier of Fortune: Payback

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Rate: 51% /100 Price: $2999   Read full Soldier of Fortune: Payback reviews

Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

Genre and what to do:
Action. When a routine mission goes horribly wrong, you find yourself battling an insidious enemy that knows no boundaries. It.s up to you to terminate an extremist plot aimed at throwing the world into global chaos. Only an underground gun-for-hire can succeed in a war this dirty! The saga continues with the organization known as the shop where players take on the role of a hired mercenary. Players will experience all the thrills and dangers of mercenary combat blasting through high intensity combat situations in the world.s most dangerous hotspots in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. Using any means necessary, players will need to uncover a complex plot and defeat an extremist organization determined to throw the world into global conflict. Failure is not an option.

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
Soldier of Fortune: Payback is the captivating action game that features stunning graphics, diverse sound effects and thrilling soundtracks. Built to harness the power of next generation . Features the most outrageous modeling system of any of the previous Soldier of Fortune installments, allowing for shocking damage. Enemies will not only react to the specific area been hit but also to the power of the weapon been hit with and will continue to fight until a final blow has been delivered. One of the most lethal collections of weapons ever assembled . The impressive arsenal includes an array of more than 30 weapons including sub-machine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, projectile explosives, weapons attachments and cutting-edge tactical weapons. The world.s most dangerous hotspots . Players will find themselves thrown into authentic mercenary situations in real world hotspots around the globe. Players will need to survive an ambush and rescue a diplomat, infiltrate a terrorist organization, go on a search and destroy mission and much more. Enemies around every corner . High intensity combat situations where players will need to take down over 15 unique enemies including terrorist, mobsters, insurgents, enemy soldiers and more. Compete online . Play your favorites including death match, team death match, elimination, and team elimination, capture the flag and more. Additional online options include maps tuned specifically for multiplayer action and many server settings for online play. Compelling new storyline . The storyline reflects today.s trend of outsourcing wars. When a routine escort mission goes horribly wrong, players find themselves battling an insidious enemy that knows no boundaries. Traditional armies can not handle these extremists . only underground guns for hire can fight a war this dirty and get results.

Offline gameplay: 1 player
Multiplayer: Yes
Publisher: Activision
ESRB Ratio: Mature

Extras and features:
· 30 Original Weapons: sub-machine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, projectile explosives, weapons attachments and cutting-edge tactical weapons.
· Survive in the Most Dangerous World Hotspots
· 15 Ruthless Enemies Including Terrorist, Mobsters, Insurgents, Soldiers and more
· Multiplayer Mode Includes Death Match, Team Death Match, Elimination, and Team Elimination, Capture the Flag and more
· The game is rather short.

Requirements: Windows XP/Vista,Processor: PIV 2.2 GHz,DirectX 9.0c,512 MB RAM,Free hard drive space: 3.3 GB,3D Accelerator with Hardware T&L and Pixel Shading 256MB DirectX 9.0c,DirectX-compliant Sound Card

Alternative names: SoldierofFortune: Payback, Soldiers of Fortune: Payback, Soldier of Fortune: Paybacks

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