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Oregon Trail 5th EditionGolden Crown award of TGPlayer's Award

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Rate: 92% /100   Download demo Oregon Trail 5th Edition

Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

Genre and what to do:
American history simulation where player have to travel to western borders of incipient future US. The main task is to manage your wagon party and supplies and solve all the problems in the face of obstacles. Have an exciting westward journey in history in the role of emigrant. Playing the game you are learning a great amount of interesting historical facts which enrich your knowledge in history and other aspects of life. You have a lot of possibilities in the game's options, as for example: you can choose a traveling companions, supplies, destination, type of wagon train and much more or you can just push .Quick Start. button and everything will be selected automatically. You may also choose one of three difficulty levels, either Greenhorn, the easiest one, or Adventure, medium difficulty, or try yourself in the hardest one, Trail Guide. Oregon Trail fifth edition humorously was discontinued.

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
Oregon Trail 5th Edition is an exciting game with the graphics on the medium level. Everything doesn't look bright enough to attract children's interest. As for the game's sound system, everything is done on the high level. The sounds suit the overall action perfectly. The game is good for children as it bears educational character, develops critical thinking, improves reading skills and much more.

Below is a link to Oregon Trail Deluxe, released in 1992. : Click

And here is a link to Oregon Trail Deluxe 5th Edition, released in 2002. : Click

Offline gameplay: 1 player
Multiplayer: No
Publisher: The Learning Company
ESRB Ratio:

Extras and features:
a) Three Difficulty Levels: Greenhorn, Adventure and Trail Guide.
b) Different Rations: Bare Bones, Meager, Filling.
c) Changeable Game Options.
a) The graphics must be improved.
b) It is not a good game for those who want to play an entertaining

Requirements: Windows 95/98/98SE/ME/XP Pentium 166 MHz 32 MB RAM 16 MB Video Accelerator with DirectX 8.0 complian ,  Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

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swmlVghKfXpIO ZruioEyGU 16.09.21
pqBHifwlIxs XhAUuaVfnMkvlwsC 16.09.21
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VgytiOGWdbSAUq MdyCqPEKwL 05.07.21
EDBSdpuR bwzMQqUtjGSc 05.07.21
JOhny .Thank you for preserving this, this game is great and its from 2002 and now its 2018. plz don't stop preserving history 07.05.18
KaraHyper .Whats the site nice i want to downlade it 20.07.12
kgkgjh it is soo fuckin cool 09.11.10
CaNdYpAntS What is going on with this site?! I have been trying to find a free download of the Oregon Trail 13.02.08
kakaroo .how do u download this game??? i play it at school so now i want to download it! 02.11.07
bob this is so cool 03.06.07
Brandy I'm soo excited i finally found this. I've been dying to play it, and this game is the only thing i remember about 3rd and 4th grade, is us playing oregon trail. Though i'm 13 so the game was old when we played it but i still love it. (= 19.04.07
Jess i can't get the free download to work! it says the file is corrupt! Help! 24.03.07
suprsalami havent played this since i was a takes a while though;) 17.03.07
MIRANDUH I love this game.... but i played it once and when i went to play again the link for the demo isnt workin and i still have like to days left... not cool 27.02.07
Helga keep up the good work!2 27.02.07
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