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Cave DaysPlayer's Award

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Genre and what to do:
Arcade. Move back in time to the Stone Age and experience unforgettable adventures of a prehistoric man, as he travels through four unique locations, hunting for dinosaurs, collecting fruits, gems and beetles. All the levels are divided into two types: linear and exploration. Linear stages require you to reach the end of the level within the minimum time, collecting fruits on the way. As for exploration stages, they are full of goodies, surprises and gems; they challenge you to complete some objective in order to proceed to the next level. So take a club to knock out dinos, bring fruits down from the trees, activate switches, elevators and many other things throughout your adventure. As you travel around locations you may come across beetles of different colour, which serve as power-ups; some of them extend time limit, the other replenish health, make you invincible, etc.

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
   Cave Days is an amusing arcade that features colorful graphics, diverse sound effects and appropriate drum music. Characters, locations and backgrounds look decent and various, but due to low resolution of graphics it looks awkward sometimes, especially while watching movies. You unlock movies as you advance through the game and you can watch them at any time in the Movie gallery, but they look so choppy that it isn't fun at all. One of the best features of the game is interface; it is comfortable and meaty and includes health bar, food bar, amount of rocks, the items stashed in your backpack, time, score and number of collected gems. All in all, in spite of low resolution graphics, Cave Days is highly captivating and amusing game that brings tons of fun due to humorous characters, variety of tasks and challenges and unique locations.

Offline gameplay: 1 player
Multiplayer: No
Publisher: Insolita Studios
ESRB Ratio: Everyone

Extras and features:
30 Prehistoric Levels
Over 100 Challenging Objectives
Variety of Dinosaurs, Including T-Rex
15 Amusing Movies
Movies look like from the Stone Age, because of low resolution

Requirements: OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista Memory: 256 MB CPU: P 1.0GHz

Alternative names: CaveDays, Cvae Days, Cave Deys

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