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Full CAKE MANIA review
Rate: 86%
    Purchase CAKE MANIA game   Free demo of CAKE MANIA game
The chief hero is a girl, named Jill, has returned from secondary school...
Rate: 86%
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Recreate all the challenges of building and operating a restaurant franchise.
Rate: 86%
      Read SNOWY LUNCH RUSH review(s)
Join Snowy the Bear as he sets beyond to run the cool restaurant in town!
Rate: 86%
    Purchase GRIMM'S HATCHERY game   Free demo of GRIMM'S HATCHERY game
Raise magical pets and fight monsters in an enchanting kingdom!
Rate: 86%
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The final battle amongst admirable and harm on the day of judgement.

full Arcade games for PC

Product name Added Rate   Download


08.11.06 51% More...
Lead an elite platoon of mercenary commandos, outfitted with deadly weaponry.

Feyruna - Fairy Forest

30.10.07 51% 26.11 mb
Defeat harm forces to rescue Feyruna, the Fairy Forest!


05.04.07 51% 11.32 mb
Progress on all path above the city of Clayside to construct the house of your d

American McGee's Grimm: The Golden Goose

03.02.09 51% More...
Happily Ever After Ends Now!

Igor The Game

31.10.08 51% More...
Join Igor, Eva, Scamper, and Brain as they quest on all path above Malaria.

American McGee's Grimm: Christmas Carol

03.02.09 51% More...
Happily Ever After Ends Now!

Beetle Bug 3

03.09.09 51% 37.79 mb
The worlds nearly fairly famous bug returns!

Delicious 2

01.11.07 51% More...
Emily's rear for even mor

Flying Leo

15.05.07 51% More...
Soar on all path above the skies in this effortless, gorgeously Da Vinci-themed

Shopping Marathon

05.04.07 51% 14.38 mb
Indulge yourself in this Shopping Marathon and have amusing spending!


21.06.07 51% 12.18 mb
Collect Pearlz and gems as you guide Angelo along on an thrilling, underwater...

Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery

27.08.07 51% 12.51 mb
Help the Professor outwit the Bat-Bots, once and for all!


23.05.07 51% 6.00 mb
Simply put you necessity to eat dots and manifold bonuses to pass a level. But b

American McGee's Grimm: Singing Bone

31.08.09 51% More...
Happily Ever After Ends Now!

Alicia: The Escape From The Magical Caves

10.12.06 51% More...
You play as Alicia, an immemorial warrior who fights opposite to the Dark Angel.

Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman Mine

02.11.07 51% More...
'Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine' is a classic-style graphical adventure...

Forest Resort

12.04.07 51% More...
Forest Resort is totally addicting arcade game fun.

Oktoberfest Wacky Wiesn

21.06.06 51% More...
The biggest folk festival of the universe is coming to your PC!


30.08.07 46% More...
Guide your marble on all path above a stylish iWorld and locate solutions for tr

Fruity Garden

26.10.06 41% More...
Fruity Garden is a fresh, unbelievably amusing arcade game.

Crazy Island

19.12.06 27% More...
Lost on an island. Surrounded by danger...

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Arcade genre is perhaps the most indeterminate, in comparison with all other genres of computer games. Any meaningful division of it into smaller genres, or at least into subsections, it is extremely difficult. Mainly because there are games that do not fit into previously established framework, although these are related to the genre of Arcade. Nevertheless, some topics in this genre have already been formed. This article deals with one of them, who appeared at the dawn of the genre and gained a second wind in recent years. Terms and history: Now it is difficult to tell which computer games was the founder of this type of games. In memory, in particular, comes to play Donkey Kong (version for IBM PC no later than 1984), although games such a plan for home computers have appeared before, not to mention entertaining slot machines. These games are enjoyed varying degrees of popularity, especially with regard to home computers and game consoles, where the genre of Arcade was dominant, allowing at least 40-50 percent of the games are likely to belong to this subsection. As for IBM-compatible computers, there is development proceeded with varying success. The appearance of this type of game was not really mass. Thus, it may be recalled playing Captain Comic, Dark Castle, Zeliard. However, recently there was a real breakthrough in this regard, and many firms are engaged in massive release of games on the market of this type. In particular, firms that have appeared relatively recently, apparently rushed to the vastness of the genre as a vacant ecological niche (ID Software - Series Commander Keen, Crystal Caves, etc., Epic MegaGames - Series Jill of the Jungle, Cosmo's Adventures, etc.).
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