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Rate: 86%
Price: $1995
    Purchase SEAWAR: THE BATTLESHIP 2 game   Free demo of SEAWAR: THE BATTLESHIP 2 game
3D explosions, smoke effects, head to head and network play.
Full MASTER OF ORION 3 review
Rate: 86%
Price: $1995
      Read MASTER OF ORION 3 review(s)
Do you feel thirst for power, you are boring with strategies where you...
Full ALIEN STARS review
Rate: 86%
Price: $1995
    Purchase ALIEN STARS game   Free demo of ALIEN STARS game
Can the humans win this time?
Rate: 86%
Price: $1995
      Read ASTRO AVENGER review(s)
A space shooter that will surprise you! Cool artwork excellent sounds effects.
Rate: 86%
Price: $1995
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Join the epic adventures of Camelot in this operation packed sequel!

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Swarm - Space Invaders

21.02.07 60% More...
Collect priceless crystals and put lower the alien race that is in your way.

Astro Avenger

10.02.07 80% More...
A space shooter that will surprise you! Cool artwork excellent sounds effects.

SILENT ATTACK - The Near Danger Zone

15.05.05 50% 5.70 mb
The SILENT ATTACK - The Near three-dimensional sci-fi kill'em all shooter with s

Star Defender

29.08.03 60% More...
Vertical scrolling space shooter. Advanced clone of Space Invaders.

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History of games part 10
If the above argument actually proves to be correct, it is quite possible that at the decisive moment or a sudden air flow will take the hero through a dangerous area, or beneath his feet will be a new platform. However, the formation of such certainty depends on too many conditions, so that you actually can never be absolutely sure of the correctness of their actions. The risk is very high, but another way to find those cases where such action is really necessary, does not exist.
The hero, his abilities and opportunities Hero of the games of this type - this is the usual character of the genre classic Arcade. That, however, means that it can be anyone, from any frog and ending with the soldier of the future with full combat gear. More importantly, virtually a standard control system is a hero. Genre Arcade practically was initially focused on the use of a joystick, that in terms of using the keyboard means that the game can be activated by moving the cursor control keys (eight or four, but with the resolution of pressing a few keys at a time) and two more buttons that mimic the buttons are pressed joystick. Historically, the first was a combination SPACEBAR + Enter, although some recent and more convenient combination (for example, Ctrl + Alt, Enter + Right Shift), as well as the ability to override the keyboard.
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