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Full JEWEL QUEST review
Rate: 89%
Price: $1995
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Explore the immemorial Maya ruins period of time discovering sheltered treasures
Rate: 89%
Price: $1995
Professor Fizzwizzle needs your help!
Rate: 89%
Price: $1995
    Purchase BUBBLE BOBBLE WORLD game   Free demo of BUBBLE BOBBLE WORLD game
Avoid and encapsulate droll distinguished creatures with one of the dragons.
Full MAGIC BALL 3 review
Rate: 89%
Price: $1995
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It's the next magical installment of one distinguished breakout series!

BALL 7  

Full BALL 7 review
Rate: 89%
Price: $1995
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A brand fresh block-busting experience! Test your spatial awareness.

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Ball 7

05.08.07 58% More...
A brand fresh block-busting experience! Test your spatial awareness.

Action Ball Deluxe

16.05.07 51% More...
The breakout game with all the operation of a shooter!

Gem Ball

20.04.07 39% More...
Let the myths of Ancient Egypt lead you on all way over the dangers of Gem Ball!

Magic Ball 3

20.04.07 76% 15.05 mb
It's the next magical installment of one distinguished breakout series!

Underwater Ball

30.03.07 89% 12.85 mb
Cleaner and Bubble store the universe again.

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History of Games part 11
Such an approach is preserved and most modern games, although some programs add one or two additional keys that perform special functions. This article will be considered the most standard version control. Thus, the cursor keys are used to move the hero. Movement right-left always manages keys. Key "up" can be used either to move down the stairs or to jump up. Often she combines these features, focusing on the location of the hero at the time of her depression. Pressing the jump button simultaneously with the left or right, usually corresponds to a jump at an angle.
Key "down" is used for running up the stairs, and, if necessary, bend from the projectile, threatening the life of the hero. There is also a specific operation may depend on the status of hero. The minimum configuration of the game usually requires just one more button for firing. The word "shooting" is understood here in a generalized sense, since in many cases, the character acts arms close to the action (cold or fists), while in other cases, the methods of its attack opponents also hard to call fire in the literal sense of the word. There are two options. In the first case of simultaneous pressing the arrow gives the direction of attack, and the second hero just attacking in the direction of his gaze.
The remaining button is used to perform specific operations such as pressing buttons, toggle levers, etc.
Let us dwell on the "state" health hero. It is commonly used two-fold principle. Firstly, the hero usually has some margin of health, as measured in certain units. This number shows how many strokes can withstand the character before you die. The typical range in this case - 3-5. Contacts with monsters, etc. reduce this number by one. However, often there are ways to gradually reopen the lost points.
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