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full Baseball games for PC

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Out of the Park Baseball 11

17.05.10 51% More...
MAKE IT HAPPEN, on the field and off

Major League Baseball 2K9

15.07.09 56% More...
Major League BaseballR 2K9 captures the essence of baseball lower to some few of

MLB Front Office Manager

15.07.09 76% More...
Training for your Fantasy Baseball Season! Shuffle 07

31.07.07 77% More...
MLB.COM SHUFFLE 07 combines the excitement of a Hold and Draw card game with...

Backyard Baseball

14.05.07 63% 103.00 mb
A must for all kids who love baseball. The "#1 selling sports CD-ROM for kids"

Baseball Mogul 2007

10.12.06 68% More...
Baseball Mogul 2007 lets you assemble or catch charge of fairly Major League tea Shuffle

18.09.06 70% More... Shuffle combines the excitement of opening a fresh pack of trading cards

MLB com Playball

05.01.06 58% More...
Choose your favorite team and lead it to the victory.

Out of the Park Baseball

20.10.04 60% 9.02 mb
Out of the Park Baseball is a comprehensive baseball modelling game.

Free to try Baseball downloads with reviews.

History of Baseball games

Contrary to popular and common version, Baseball was not invented by any one person (as they like to clarify in the USA - American), he comes back to a number of different European games with bat and ball.

In Russia, has been extended version of baseball called Lapta, a game whose roots belong to the fourteenth century. The game is played by two teams (five - ten people) with a pitcher and batter. The ball thrower, who tried to discourage him from using the short stick and then ran to the opposite side of the court and back so as not to be "osalennym" ball.

England played cricket and rounders ("Rounders") for several centuries. The first recorded cricket match was in Sussex, England, in 1697. In the cricket is played on a large open circular area with two teams of eleven players. At a distance of 22 steps is equipped with two vikketa (wickets) - poles with sticks laid on them ("bails"). The player who performs the service, trying to get the ball in behind the slugger vikket way to reset the rod; slugger task - to prevent this, having beaten off the ball and if he manages to hit the ball, he must run across, in the interval between beats, from one to another vikketa. For each such rush team will be awarded points.

Rounders (Rounders), which has many technical similarities to baseball, belongs to the Tudor period in England. The game was played two teams of six - fifteen players each, including pitcher and hitter. There was a "square feed," "square for the beating" and four posts, these bases used in baseball. Each player should play the role of the striker in each inning and the game lasted two innings. The pitcher threw the ball to the batter, who tried to discourage him. If he succeeded, the striker ran the first post. Points are awarded depending on what the post reached the batter, and the way the post was made.

Germany has played a game called Shlagbol (Schlagball), which is very similar to rounders.

World Championships

Annals of the world championships in baseball started in 1938, although the very first such tournament championship is hard to call: it involved only two teams. Having won four games from the Americans and lost one, won a series of British Steel, which, oddly enough, since more of these events were not involved. In 1939, for the title of the strongest baseball team of the world was already 3 debate team in 1940 - 7, 1941 - 9. The most representative was the tournament in 1972, brought together 16 teams.

For a long time participants in the World Championships were the only teams of Latin American countries and the USA. The Dutch and Italians made their debut for them only in 1970, the representatives of Asia - in 1972, and Australia - in 1948 the most successful world championships in Cuba were baseball players 21 times they have participated in these competitions, among them 18 times wins, once and twice with silver steel - bronze medals.

In the U.S., Japan, Czech Republic and other countries also extended softball - a simplified version of a baseball game in which you can spend indoors and in small fields, such popular varieties of baseball, like cricket in England, Finland and pesapolo Oyna in Romania.

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