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Full LIVE BILLIARDS 2 review
Rate: 82%
Price: $1995
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Most known pool games collection. 3D physics, network play.
Rate: 82%
Price: $1995
Freestyle Street Basketball is a fast-paced massively multiplayer online...
Full FISH TYCOON review
Rate: 82%
Price: $1995
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Fish Tycoon is fish breeding sim game where you breed and care for exotic fish.
Full BACKYARD SOCCER 2004 review
Rate: 82%
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Terragame Award 2006: The Best Football game.
Rate: 82%
Price: $1995
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#1 Basketball Videogame for Kids! Hit the court with a NBA superstar Paul...

full Basketball games for PC

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NBA 2K10

06.11.09 74% More...
NBA 2K10 is prepared to tip off another Championship season.

Fantasy Basketball

30.10.08 79% More...
You have to be in it to win it!

Freestyle Street Basketball (CD)

31.07.07 80% More...
Freestyle Street Basketball is a fast-paced massively multiplayer online...

Backyard Basketball 2007

18.05.07 72% More...
#1 Basketball Videogame for Kids! Hit the court with a NBA superstar Paul...

Nothin' But Net

13.08.05 40% More...
Hit long-range jump shots and salm lower blazing dunks in this street ball.

Backyard Basketball

18.05.05 65% More...
Here's your chance to play with the basketball pros in your personal backyard.

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History of Basketball games

Center of the Olympic world of antiquity was a sacred district of Zeus at Olympia - grove along the river Alpheus in the confluence of the creek Treasures. In this fine town of Greece nearly three hundred times arranged traditional Greek contests in honor of the god of thunder. Winds of Ionian Sea are constantly bothering mighty pines and oaks on the Kronos height. Its foothills are spread over a protected area, which silence, every four years being broken by the Olympic celebration.

This is the Olympia, the cradle of games. Today it is not just a silent ruin, testimony of ancient authors, the statues and pictures on vases, and coins are to recreate a picture of the Olympic spectacle. Near Olympia, the sacred town of the same name subsequently rose, surrounded by orange and olive gardens.

Now Olympia – is a typical provincial town, living with tourists that are flocking to Olympic ruins from around the world. It strongly covers all about Olympics, from street names and hotels, to meals in taverns and souvenirs in myriad of shops. Olympia has two noteworthy museums - Archaeological and Olympic. If the city wasn’t filled so much up with treasures of ancient times, it is possible to leave the town without pity, to pass a stone bridge, on the other side of which - Olympia set up unremarkable entry in the sacred grove. There are blackened marble steps and divine limestone slabs. It is necessary to extend a hand and you touch the branches of wild olive, which was used to crown the head of Olympian. Crown was above his head and stretched from pine and oak branches. If you go further – You see a blue sky, under which there were erected sometime ago magnificent buildings. Alas, this architecture was not destroyed by neither earthquake, or by rivers rage, nor the time. We can freely visit these amazing remains of grandeur!

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