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Leaf Buster - Promotion!Player's Award

Download Leaf Buster - Promotion! screenshot
Rate: 78% /100 Price: $1495   Buy downloadable Leaf Buster - Promotion! for PC   Download demo Leaf Buster - Promotion!

Reviewed by Jurgen Lynx

Genre and what to do:
Folks who love puzzles and people who hate them both agree - Leaf Buster is a game worth playing on and on, and then playing some more. While this game is a puzzle, it is in no way boring, routine or mundane. Quite the opposite, it instantly draws a person in and lets go only after a few hours. And then it sucks a person back in. Be warned - the game is very addictive!Leaf Buster is loosely based on the concept of Collapse. The left "half" of the playing field has several columns, containing leaves of two or more different colors. The leaves here can't be moved. The smaller right "half" has a single column of leaves. You can get rid of any leaf in this column by right-clicking it with your mouse (up to 12 leaves per level). The number of leaves in the right column is limited! You are to place a leaf from that column onto the playing field to form a group of two or more leaves of the same color. Then these leaves will disappear. Larger the group, more points you get. Your objective is to clear the entire playing field, which can be quite difficult to achieve.Leaf Buster is a perfect relaxing, non-violent game for the entire family. It features striking graphics, ambient music, high score table and low system requirements. The starting levels are quite easy, but the game gets tougher and tougher as it progresses. The trial version is limited to eight levels and 15 launches.Try your free version of Leaf Buster now!

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Offline gameplay:
Publisher: Energames
ESRB Ratio:

Extras and features:

Requirements: Pentium II 233, DirectX 8.0, 8 Mb Video, 32 Mb RAM ,  Win98,WinME,WinXP,Windows2000

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