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GutterBall Bowling 2Golden Crown award of TGPlayer's Award

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Rate: 93% /100 Price: $699   Buy GutterBall Bowling 2 for Windows   Download demo GutterBall Bowling 2

Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

Genre and what to do:
If I was tasked to give an award to this game it would be the award for the vividness and eccentricity in bowling simulators. It is approved by its content and gameplay performance. So it contains 5 different lanes and locations. Some of them such as standard lane, oriental lane, and jungle lanes are traditional and imply typical bowling action. Some interesting differences we can find in iceberg lane which is made of icebergs where ball drops off an edge of one iceberg then it lands on the next one and so on up to it gets the target and in carnival lane which has three lanes of different colors that make it difficult to focus on the lane you think you're on and huge ghosts at the end of the lane. Main action is very easy you can direct the ball while it is rolling over the lane by clicking the lane with mouse button. You can play by yourself, against the computer or against another person on the same computer and each victory brings you money to unlock lanes. You also can customize balls even with pictures from you hard drive    

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
Gutterball 2 is an exciting bowling simulator with surprising graphics and animations. From the first sight it is a usual bowling but it gets you to the atmosphere of something more then usual Friday pastime at the clubs you used to visit

Offline gameplay:
Publisher: Reflexive
ESRB Ratio: Everyone (6+)

Extras and features:
· Five well performed and extraordinary lanes
· Customize your ball using your own pictures
· Easy and interesting gameplay

Version 1 of this game is still available, download demo here

Requirements: Celeron 433, 3D video card with 8mb RAM, Windows 95,98,ME,XP,2000

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player'S REVIEW
Author Comment Date
Pavel Very beautiful game! 22.10.07
sarim it is a gereat gaame but ive never payed gb1 i am defenitaly going to get gb1s trail 06.10.07
psychic this game is cool!^.^ this game pro sia! 22.04.07
ghareeb every body buy guterball it is an asome game 04.07.06
pat not too bad 28.04.06
eric god$ey i've bowld 300 25times out of 30 02.01.06
WEEDEE the best bowling game ever 16.12.05
SIMON this game stinks, i PLAYED IT BEFORE U HAVENT ! 17.08.05
Emilie Nepivoda Gutterball is an awesome game and Gutterball 2 is hard ,but hey Practice makes Champs! 13.07.05
maria i think this is a great game but gb1 was harder than gb2 but it doesnt matter 13.07.05
James Slayton More entertaining than Gutterball 1, but not as realistic and or difficult. If you are a serious bowler, you are better off with GB 1. 09.12.04
Allison York I think this is going to be a GREAT game because the graphics look good. Also because EVERYONE is saying that this is a GREAT game. HOPEFULY IT IS!!! 11.10.04
mally I thank its a great game i play it all the time and get 300! most of the time. 07.08.04
temke THIS GAME ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 30.05.04
me it's oke 19.05.04
peter excellent game, great graphics 30.01.04
Bryce Dud NICE it is alot of fun and as a tip do not drop anyof the speed, weight, or spin on the skunk and a few other balls because you will not be able to raise it back!!! 21.12.03
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