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Rate: 90%
    Purchase RICOCHET LOST WORLDS game   Free demo of RICOCHET LOST WORLDS game
Stunning visuals and sounds benefits, gripping musical track and compelling map
Full ALPHA BALL review
Rate: 90%
      Read ALPHA BALL review(s)
Totally fresh three-dimensional entry within the Break-out games genre.
Full WAR ON FOLVOS review
Rate: 90%
    Purchase WAR ON FOLVOS game   Free demo of WAR ON FOLVOS game
Lead your army to victory in this turn-based tactic game!
Full MONSTER EGGS review
Rate: 90%
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Be quick! You do not have greatly time left!

BALL 7  

Full BALL 7 review
Rate: 90%
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A brand fresh block-busting experience! Test your spatial awareness.

full Bust A Move games for PC

Product name Added   Rate Download

Delicious Deluxe

08.11.07 65% More...
Roll upwards your sleeves for rapid amusing in this tantalizing restaurant chall

Bubble Ice Age

12.08.07 68% More...
Launch bubbles within the playfield until three similar to bubbles are connected

Heliquick Bob

16.01.07 51% More...
Addictive & rapid arcade action.

Cash Cow

22.11.06 68% 16.84 mb
Help Buck the Cow store the farm in this primary conundrum game!

Monster Eggs

14.09.06 61% More...
Be quick! You do not have greatly time left!

Bursting Bubbles

18.05.04 65% More...
Rearrange and pop bubbles beforehand time runs out!

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From the perspective of the impact of such "drops" on the hero in games used two approaches. The first one assumes that the mere fall from any height does not have the hero games no effect. Not to mention that when jumping and falling hero never loses its balance and always lands on its feet exactly, in these games, and jump from the roof of the seven-storey building (deliberate or accidental) causes the hero has no adverse effects. <br> Other games are more stringent in this regard. Despite the persistence of the same outstanding sense of balance, in which there is a maximum safe height of the jump. For a larger vertical displacement of the hero, his health is put some damage, but in the fall, surpassing another threshold, the hero just dies. <br> Next arises the "physical" question - is the dynamics of the jump. In normal life situations, people or other living creature that has no jet engines, virtually no control over its further movement. The use of air resistance is not modeled in the computer games of this type. Meanwhile, here there are two fundamentally different approaches to situations of "flight". <br> The first approach is quite natural, though somewhat limited. Here, each control action (jump up, jump right, up, left the jump-up, drop the right or left, etc.) corresponds to a strictly defined by the trajectory of the hero, terminating at the time of contact with an impermeable barrier. Ability to manage a hero in the process of jump, available, except, perhaps, the ability to fire or other effects of the attacking. The trajectory is in this case, an arched curve, the height of the jump in the absence of interference is always the same?
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