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Play American checkers (Draughts) with personal compu

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History of Checkers games part 2.
Not found it was all about bans games of checkers by the church. Although at this time the church forbade many of the old and new games, including gambling (cards, dice) and chess.
Studies by Harold Murray said that in 16th century with swords, something happened and the game began to gain popularity and spread throughout Europe.
Around 1535 the rules of checkers added the condition: if the sword can beat an opponent, the player is obliged to do so. This rule of the game is still in use unchanged.
The first World Championship Checkers was conducted in 1847 and won by a representative of Scotland, Andrew Anderson, can beat compatriot James Wyllie. The game was held in the style of "go as you like." Next tournament was held constant and the winners become the representatives of not only Scotland, but other countries - UK, USA etc.
The game of checkers in the style of "go as you like, in most cases, beginners and leads to a draw. To reduce the number of games played checkers in a draw in the 1890m in the rules of the game made a two-way ban - the first 2 rounds is chosen randomly. Later, in the 1934m was introduced and the rule of three-way ban, in which the first 3 moves are chosen randomly, but from the list of possible combinations.
Games similar to modern checkers (i.e., the same piece on the board inscribed with the grid of intersecting lines), were known in antiquity. So, during excavations in Egypt, an ancient checkers board chips and several images depicting players in the game. In the Egyptian checkers "(as dubbed this game specialist) played, and ordinary people, and know - until the pharaohs. And sometimes in the absence of the board game was on the ground, where the hand was painting a grid.
Games similar to checkers were in ancient Greece, Lydia, Phrygia, and other places. Extremely common in ancient Rome game "latrunkuli" (from "Latry - letters. Warrior, mercenary) refers to the number of direct predecessors of the European pieces. Mention of such games can be found in world folklore, literary works and writings of scholars (including Homer's Odyssey, the works of Herodotus and Roman authors).
According to one version, checkers, as such, are descended from the Moorish game Alquerque "where used 12 chips on each side and there was a rule of taking someone else's figures" jump "over it. True, the figures in Alquerque installed at the intersection of lines playing field in drafts as they were placed on a field-cells - like chess pieces. (Experts have not yet agreed which of these popular games of "primary" with respect to the other: chess to checkers, or vice versa? But their relationship is no doubt that, among other things, is confirmed and some similarities in terminology.)
In medieval Europe, the ability to play checkers it was part of Military Training (one of the versions that existed before the name of the checkers game "ladies" owes its origin to the characteristic knightage cult lovely ladies). Attempts a theoretical understanding of the game. Author of the first manuals on checkers is A. Torquemada: it happened in Spain in 1547, but up to now has not been preserved and is known only by references and descriptions in other sources. About a hundred years later, similar books appeared in France, and later in other European countries.
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