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Rate: 82%
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The final battle amongst admirable and harm on the day of judgement.
Full WATER IN FIRE review
Rate: 82%
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Your super-battleship with vigorous cannons has been attacked by enemy...
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Full COMBAT review
Rate: 82%
      Read COMBAT review(s)
Relive this classic '80's battle game on your PC!

full Combat games for PC

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14.12.05 68% More...
Relive this classic '80's battle game on your PC!


03.02.09 53% More...
DYNASTY WARRIORS 6 delivers the unparalleled exhilaration of single-handedly...

Death Track: Resurrection

06.11.09 51% More...
Do you have what it takes to Survive?

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This leads to the possibility of building a completely unbelievable "hanging" bridges or hills, which, however, are quite reliable in terms of games. One example of such a bridge is shown in the figure (he was taken out of the game Titus the Fox: to Marrakesh & Back). We can only advise not to check the reliability and stability of this design in practice. <br> Monsters, opponents:<br> As in any game genre Arcade, a substantial part of hazards to make the hero's various inhabitants of this level. These include all kinds of living beings or mechanical robots, as well as inanimate dynamic trap: spikes that periodically emerge from the walls, stones or icicles falling from above when approaching a hero, different kinds of crossbows and the like. <br> It is difficult to try to give any classification or description used here, diversity of opportunities, because it is in this context, the authors of fantasy games knows no boundaries. However, their overall behavior and influence on the character can be regarded as fairly standard. Basic principles meet the standards of the genre. Any contact with the hero monsters or released their shells is dangerous to the hero. Its result is a loss of health (in greater or lesser number of units used) or a moment his death. However, many recent games use some other options, for example, if the hero can jump on top of the enemy (it could be and only on some types), this leads to the destruction of this enemy, or may have other beneficial effects (Prehistorik-2, Trolls, Zool). <br> The movement of these monsters can also be manifested in different ways. In many cases, they move along a predetermined trajectory, often cyclically closed without paying much attention to the action hero. In other cases, these monsters are moving in the direction of the hero, trying to inflict damage, although the degree of focus may be different. Also, in many cases, walls, impassable for a hero, can not be a hindrance to the monsters, or released their bombs.
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