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Michael Vaughan's Cricket Manager

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Genre and what to do:
It's one more situation when virtual life gives you a possibility to manage what you didn't get used to in real one. Michael Vaughan's Championship Cricket Manager takes you to the rich cricket world where you must do your best to rule it. You can take control of any of 122 domestic teams from around the world. Choose from such countries as England , Australia , India , Pakistan , New Zealand , Sri Lanka , Zimbabwe , Bangladesh and more. And then you'll find everything you used to meet about management games: players transfer, team training, championships etc. But it wouldn't be so interesting if developers have failed to stuff it with heap of options (See extra features below).

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
Michael Vaughan's Championship Cricket Manager is a management game from capital letter .B. (Best one). In-game action captures you and if you act well you are not going to stop.

Offline gameplay:
Multiplayer: No
Publisher: Midas Interactive
ESRB Ratio: Everyone (6+)

Extras and features:
a) Choose from massive player database of over 2000 current cricketers.
b) Find accurate player data:- Batting/Bowling/Fielding Skill, Batting positions, Aggression, Bowling type etc.
c) Choose either a full Career Mode or play a Single Game.
d) Win the right to manage all the Test playing nations plus the ICC Trophy teams.
e) Weather simulation based on the time of year.
f) Meet worldwide transfer system which allows you to build your own team from all the world stars.
g) Realistic financial simulation and more!

Requirements: IBM PC or 100% compatible computer; Pentium(r) 166 MHz or better processor ,  Win95,Win98,WinXP,Windows2000

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.player'S REVIEW
Author Comment Date
vvvgood beta vaughan .vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv good mere pote vaughan 14.11.12
Sam .what a game .it is simply superb 14.06.08
cricket lover it is not best or worest game but average 13.06.08
syed jamil naqvi .this site n good n have more fun for games .i really feel that its have great job .and, i like it 12.08.07
Debashish Make it free, then I shall consider downloading it. 10.03.07
bhuban its a pure bogus 05.03.07
friend of gamers dont waste time pure nonsense 01.12.06
friend of all pure nonsense don't play the game given for money! even if given free i will not play 01.12.06
ishu i have not played but after looking screenshots i think that it would be abest online cricket game 30.11.06
atharva i have not played it yet . its downloading.i think it is fantastic 26.11.06
raj i play my best games 21.11.06
Rickin Well its nice but wickets fall very fast 13.11.06
tendulkar this game is some big big booty! i hate it! 25.10.06
aditya the yahoo site is the world's most terrible site 23.10.06
ryan i havent played but my faveriot cricket players game i realy think ill like it 01.09.06
sid hopless game 16.08.06
Agarkar x-lent than real one we play. 06.08.06
kaka is this 2002 or 2006? 02.07.06
jp its rubbish ! 27.05.06
Prashant I haven't played it yet.But I am sue it is a great game. 18.04.06
aamir fantastic game 26.03.06
Celroy very good 21.07.05
Miles I just got ripped off ,,, I think. 02.07.05
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