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Clue - Murder at Boddy Mansion

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Rate: 67% /100 Price: $900   Buy Clue - Murder at Boddy Mansion for Windows   Read full Clue - Murder at Boddy Mansion reviews

Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

Genre and what to do:
Mr. Boddy has been murdered, and it's up to you to crack the case! Whodunit? Where? And with what? All of the colorful characters from the board game are here, and each is a prime suspect. You'll need your best sleuthing skills to correctly answer the key questions that will solve the crime. Beware! As Mr. Boddy discovered, his friends can be deadly!

Offline gameplay:
Publisher: Atari
ESRB Ratio:

Extras and features:

Requirements: Pentium® 133 CPU, 16 MB RAM, 1 MB SVGA card (16 bit color), compatible sound card, DirectX 5.0 ,  Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP

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Rate: 90%
Price: $1999
Search crime scenes for evidence, question witnesses, decipher puzzles...
player'S REVIEW
Author Comment Date
GuardianDuo This game is screwed! The link to play won't work! 08.04.07
buzzard ok i dont get how to play this thing online. can somebody help. i dont know of any way to do this and msn doesnt look like a host for it anymore. i would love it if somebody could dumb it down so me and a friend can play online. 04.11.06
omg damn.. yall need to get on ma level my comp. only took like 5 seconds to download 03.10.06
Srichaphan It's corrupt. Cannot install. 04.09.06
Justin What The Hell are you guys on? It took 3.6 secons for me! 04.07.06
acedetective This is a really fun game. We had a league and played on msn gaming zone. They took the room away so now only way to play is through windows messenger(not msn mess) contact me for ppl to play with! 04.06.06
Eliza It sends me to do u download it? 26.05.06
ace took WAY to long to download 07.04.06
Joana it is takin a very, very, VERY long time, but the games here are pretty good! 03.03.06
ha long download but def worht the 2 hours 24.02.06
hotstuff it dusnt take that long to download (20 mins) it better b gd though cos i hate waitin! 09.01.06
gunit long downloading and NOT worth it! 27.12.05
jared's girl mine took only like 2 minutes 24.12.05
sgt something 10 min. to download worth the wait 12.11.05
Yun Why all that hours of download? I can use only a few minutes and now... 11.11.05
Ramez it took less than one sec cause i have high speed internet 04.08.05
sandy Hope this is the game that you have to find the killer and with what he killed and where he killed 28.07.05
Lowprofile i dont know why all of you are griping about long download time..maybe u just have a slow computer..mine only took 13 minutes. 01.07.05
chris waaaaay too long download if its not worth it i am gonna sue you! 07.03.05
cdawnwo Took less then 20 mins for my download. Not as user friendly as I usually see. But very fun. 17.12.04
rubye The download may have taken awhile, but it was worth the wait. 18.10.04
big al way to long download ( 3 hours ) 04.10.04
s i thought you can play this game with otherson the internet where the sites so i can play 21.09.04
heather to long of a down load! i hope it's worth it 16.09.04
EGo Hard to maneuver. Not user-friendly 07.02.04
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