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Carrie the CaregiverPlayer's Award

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Rate: 73% /100 Price: $000   Buy downloadable Carrie the Caregiver for PC   Download demo Carrie the Caregiver

Reviewed by Jurgen Lynx

Genre and what to do:
   Diner Dash game. Meet a lovely girl, named Carrie, who just graduated a nursing school and has strong desire to take care of babies. Follow Carrie as she travels around the globe keeping babies healthy and happy. Like in other games of this genre your task is to take care of babies as quick as possible earning points for that. You see babies' wishes in a balloon above them. The usual sequence of baby care may be divided into two stages: feeding and changing diaper. The feeding stage goes like that: first of all you drag a baby to an empty table ( it is desirable to match colour of blanket with colour of table for extra points ), then you should take a bottle with food from a fridge and warm it up. After that you deliver the food to the baby and wait until he or she finishes and make a burp. You take empty bottle and wash it in dishwasher. During changing diaper stage you should take clean diaper, and then change it, after that you grab the dirty diaper and toss it to garbage. As you play the game you need to control two parameters: energy and sanitation. Energy level corresponds to speed of your movements; you may raise energy level by eating snacks. Another important factor is sanitation level; if your sanitation level drops under 50 %, you may infect a baby and will have to treat them using first aid. You need wash your hands periodically to increase the sanitation level. You are to meet or exceed the required number of points to proceed to the next level.

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
   Carrie the Caregiver is a captivating game that features colourful detailed graphics, decent sound effects and relaxing guitar music. Graphics is well done and looks amazing, the only complain is that all babies look the same; you differentiate them by labels on sleeping bags. There is charming storyline that makes the game much interesting and diverse. Another point that is worth mentioning is variety of upgrades and power-ups; be ready to use skates, gloves, pacifier, mobile, soap, read a story book and more. All in all, Carrie the Caregiver is the lovely game with plenty of innovative twists that surely appeal to wide range of lovers of this genre.

Offline gameplay: 1 player
Multiplayer: No
Publisher: BigFishGames
ESRB Ratio: Everyone

Extras and features:
Take Care of Babies throughout Five Parts of the World
50 Challenging Levels
Six Types of Babies
Tons of Power-ups and Upgrades
There is one game mode only

Requirements: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows Vista

Alternative names: CarrietheCaregiver, Carie the Caregiver, Carrie the Care giver, Carry the Caregiver

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