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Diallos's location, quest, walkthrough, secrets

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    Diallos, a knight in sparkling armor, one of the Tarnished in Roundtable Hold, but without a helmet. Talk to him, his name is Diallos. He will ask if the hero has seen his missing servant, whose name is Lanya. In his opinion, she could get into trouble. Although he does not give any explanation, the care in his voice sounds sincere. You'll be able to spot it north of the Suburb Academy in liurnia of the Lakes, or rather what's left of it. Just take the main road from Limgrave, and when you get to the west of the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace, go to the right. There, on the ruins of one of the houses will lie the body of Lanya.

    Unfortunately, it is impossible to save Lanya. In addition, next to her corpse will already be Diallos, that is, there is no need to inform him about the terrible find. Talk to him. He will say that he will avenge the death of his companion, and hint at the house of despicable fiends.

    After a while, you need to return to Roundtable Hold. There you will find Diallos again. During the dialogue with him, you will learn that he intends to reach Volcano Manor on Mt. Gelmir. You need to go northwest through Seethwater cave, on Altus Plateau. To get into this area, you need to activate the Dectus Lift with two halves of the Dectus Medallion. The Great Lift takes you up there. Further, if you complete the quest of Rya, you can use it to immediately teleport to Volcano Manor.

    The first part of the Medallion is in Fort Haight, in Limgrave. A bit south of the well that takes you to Siofria River. The final part is stored in the chest, in Fort Farothm at Caelid. The area has a lot of bats and grizzled harpies, which can grab your head and kill you by doing only a few blows. To avoid engaging them in combat, run through and find stairs on another side of the room. Climb up, and there will be the chest.

    Dectus Lift is in the western part of the region, where are situated, volcanos and lava flow over landscapes. Near the gates in Volcano Manor, you may have to battle the Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast boss, so be careful. Upon entering the estate, talk to Lady Tanith and agree to work for her to get the key to the living room. Go to the hallway to the left of it, and open the doors on the left side to get into the living room. There, find Diallos in the corner, and talk to him. He will change his mind and agree to fight for Manor. The hero learns that he decided to change because he realized that revenge is not the answer. After that, the noble knight decides to leave, but this is not your last meeting.

    Taking a letter from the table in the Drawing Room, the hero can fight with Old Knight Istvan, while completing the tasks of the guests of Volcano Manor. Diallos begins asking about his loyalties concerning the help of your hero. He's leaving Volcano Manor after the player completes the main quest, or kills Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy. Jarburg, south of the Carian Study Hall - will be the last place where the hero will meet Diallos. Diallos will be protecting jars, and eventually, get killed by some poachers. The player can assure him, that he successfully did his duty and he will die in peace.

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Requirements: CPU: Intel Core i7-8700K / AMD Ryzen 5 3600X, 3.4GHz+. RAM: 16+ GB, Windows 10, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 / AMD Radeon RX Vega 56, 8GB. Pixel Shader / Vertex Shader:5.1. 60 GB of disk space

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