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Elden Ring

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Genre and what to do:
    Elden Ring is a symbiosis of the RPG/Action/Adventure genre. With rich lore, following the Souls series. The game has multiplayer for cooperative game-play inside the player’s realm, or players can join other players’ realm. Players can also kill each other by dueling to learn how in-game spells and abilities are working. Elden Ring is considered a difficult game, but often you don't even need the help of other players. If you master the mechanics of the game, you will be able to overcome bosses and go through dangerous places. NPCs AI, smart at first, acts monotonously. They hit like an asteroid, but you can predict their attacks, and successfully confront them. Elden Ring reminds previous Souls Series works, many NPCs are here as well. Lore, stories, even game's parts, and multiplayer.

    "From Software" has embodied unusual Spirits in the game world, which can be called on as an ally in the battle against almost any boss using their ashes. Ashes must be found beforehand. You can also improve their general and unique characteristics. Some Spirits have the power to defeat bosses alone if you get them the right rune, blood rune for example. Probably the best Spirit is Mimic Tear, but the decision is up to you. Not all will agree with this fact.

    Elden Ring Director Hidetaka Miyazaki stated that when working on Elden Ring, he wanted to combine his views on worlds from other games. For such a game, it is very useful to make a diverse world in which you would like to explore every square foot. Each sector of the game world, each rock, edge, cave - should be available for comprehensive research, or just to go in and look around. Elden Ring is worth it if you don’t study it, it’s not science or nature, then at least spend time thoroughly and take a good look at all the objects that are significant and not related to the plot. The forest will be mysterious, the cave will be fraught with danger, and the mountains will be completely deadly to players because you can not only fall and break from them. If boss battles in dungeons and tombs are often similar to each other, then the villains of the story and secondary tasks reveal Elden Ring to the fullest.

    After creating the character, it might seem that the game is another version of the Souls series, but once you get into the game world and play for five minutes, your eyes do not close from the variety of the landscape you see, with minor elements worked out down to the smallest details. Sometimes it seems that the world of the game lives its own life, and in every piece of it, a castle, or a forest, there are inhabitants. Sometimes friendly, but most of the time not. The height difference is impressive. It takes your breath away when you look from the cliff into the abyss, the bottom of which is almost invisible.

    The arsenal in Elden Ring is simply huge and includes more than fourteen types of weapons, shields, crossbows, swords, sabers, rapiers, hammers, clubs, fist weapons, halberds, daggers, and others. In Elden Ring, not only a large number of various weapons, bonuses of cold, fire, and more. As well as nine legendary weapons, which are very difficult to obtain, but are very desirable to master the bosses alone. Common weapons such as katanas, curved swords, and daggers can be changed using Ashes of War. The use of such a variety of weapons did not make switching from one type to another more difficult. Almost any weapon can be customized for any player class and play style. Weapon sharpness benefits from player agility, and blunt benefits from strength. You need Intelligence for spells, and there are a few Intelligence dependent weapons.

    In the world of Lands Between, you can move around on your feet or a horse. While mounted, you can fight back by hitting right/left. If the battle is not in the player's favor, you can ride away from the enemies.

    The only significant disadvantage of the game, which is worth mentioning, is too strong bosses. It's very rare that level of player/his gear and weapons, ashes match the boss of the area you're in. Assuming there are a lot of variables influencing fights, fight challenges become sometimes unbalanced, sometimes thrilling, or quite easy fights.:) In addition to dungeons, the Lands Between is filled with mines, caves, and a huge open world with valuable resources, inhabited by small and bigger monsters and probably a really angry and powerful boss. Every cave is a dungeon, filled with cunning traps, monsters, and of course unique design and lore. At the end of the dungeons, a hero's award awaits the brave adventurer.

    Elden Ring enemies are not simply scattered across the game's terrain, almost each of them is bound to lore and means new adventures or trials for a player. Sometimes you clearly see, that world of Elden Ring lives its own life. Many players complain bosses or mobs are too complicated, part some of them are too easy, but this is what makes the game so ambiguous, so thrilling, and non-repeatable. Elden Ring firstly was being developed for consoles, not for Windows, therefore it becomes hard to get the game running smoothly on modern PC gaming rigs. From Software told they aiming for a better picture and lore first. However, the game was designed for consoles first, and performance is pretty sweet on those.

    The game does not really like laptops, but here is a short list, of the ones it will. You can check their hardware and choose similar laptops, of course. Acer Swift 3 sf314-43, Acer Nitro 5, MSI Prestige 14 Evo, ASUS ROG Strix G15(17), MSI GP65, XMG Core 15(Neo 15), Gigabyte RTX 3080 Gaming OC 10G.

Offline gameplay: .
Multiplayer: .
Publisher: From Software
ESRB Ratio: .

Extras and features:
The diverse game world, with different climatic zones.
A non-linear plot, a large number of locations, and side quests – make game replayability possible.
A large number of enemies and weapons.
And spells too.
The beautiful art style, lore, and soundtrack music.
Sometimes repetitive boss fights.
Poor fit for PC.
There are too strong Spirit Ashes and spells, while some are miserably weak.

Requirements: CPU: Intel Core i7-8700K / AMD Ryzen 5 3600X, 3.4GHz+. RAM: 16+ GB, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 / AMD Radeon RX Vega 56, 8GB. Pixel Shader / Vertex Shader:5.1. 60 GB of disk space ,  Windows 10.

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