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Ranni's location, quest, walkthrough, secrets

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Genre and what to do:
    Ranni will give the hero Elden Ring Spirit Calling Bell - necessary to create temporary allies from the dust. If you miss the first meeting with Ranni, the Elden Ring Spirit Calling Bell will later be available for purchase at Roundtable Hold from Twin Maiden Husks. And the quest associated with Ranni will not disappear. It is necessary to go to the estate of Caria Manor in the northern part of West Liurnia. This is a dangerous area, with many enemies and a boss who will have to be defeated. Don't forget to speak with the giant blacksmith, Iji. In the end, the player should fight the local boss – Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree. After winning, Tarnished needs to exit the estate into an open passage to get to the place where the three towers are located. Renna's Rise, Ranni's Rise, and Seluvis' Rise. You need to go to the Tower of Rennie, it is located between the rest of the towers.

    Ranni admits that her actual name is Renna, and will ask if Tarnished is ready to serve her, and search for the lost city of Akron. Siofra River is a huge underwater area. You can get there through the Siofra River Well in the Mistwoods of East. OPlayer will meet Blaidd who waits for Tarnished. He doesn't know where the entrance to Nokron is located, but at least it's up there. Head up and talk to Iji, then to Nepheli at Seluvis' Rise. Talk to Seluvis as well, he will give you a letter of introduction to Sorceress Sellen.

    It can be found right below Waypoint Ruins of East Limgrave, south along the road from the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace. Tarnished should fight with Mad Pumpkin Head in the basement, which guards the passage leading to Sellen. The freed sorceress will explain that the path to the lost city of Nokron can only be opened by defeating Starscourge Radahn.

    Head back to Blaidd, which will tell the hero about the festival of combat in the castle Caelid: Redmane Castle. In this battle, Tarnished can die with a single blow. Summon NPCs while fighting, and make Radahn into melee fight with them, while staying at range and damaging him. In the second phase, Radahn will create four fireballs around him. When he runs away from you, he's going to fire them at you. Stay near the hill, and you can use it as a shield. Bypass mimic tear boss. In the far area of the underground city, there is a staircase leading to the building, inside of which there is a chest. In it lies the quest Fingerslayer Blade, which Ranni asked to get.

    Next, you need to return to Ranni in her tower and give her "Fingerslayer Blade". Ranni will give the hero Carian Inverted Statue that unlocks the Carian Study Hall in Elden Ring. Now we go to eastern Liurnia of the Lakes, where the Carian Study Hall is located. Already inside the tower, you can find an altar that has a model of a moon on it, which will be needed later. Go down the beams to the elevator. The elevator will take the hero to the bridge Further away is the stairs leading to the elevator. Getting out of the elevator, the hero stumbles upon Preceptor Miriam. He can easily deal with Tarnished, so you need to shoot Miriam from a distance, taking cover behind the railing. Defeating the boss will replenish the arsenal with a new kind of charm. Now you can go back to the altar at the entrance of the tower and apply the Inverted Carian Statue received from Ranni to it.

    You need to go up the stairs again, to the opening that has just opened. Along the way, several opponents are waiting for the player. As well as the suddenly resurrected Preceptor Miriam. He needs to be killed again, and get a new spell. Next, you need to follow along the ledge to the very end, and then jump to the platform located under it. Then you need to jump down the wooden rafters to the elevator below. It leads to a door behind which is a bridge to the Divine Tower of Liurnia. After the battle with the mini-boss, you need to go to the elevator and go upstairs, where the remains of Ranni lie. They contain a "Cursemark of Death" item from it, which opens access to the secret ending of Elden Ring.

    Ranni's Rise is in, but this time, enter the Renna's Rise tower to its northeast instead. The entrance to it is now open, and at its top, the player will find a purple teleporter leading to a previously inaccessible location - Ainsel River underground area. In this place, there are two stone coffins. In one of them, you can find a doll Miniature Ranni doll, which is cold when touched. Rest at the Site of Grace, and while resting, talk to the doll. For the doll to talk, several attempts are needed. At first, she will not react to the hero's attempts, but sooner or later she will speak. After the conversation, it will become clear that Ranni herself is in front of the Extinguished. She decided to take the form of a doll. After a protracted conversation, Ranni asks to go to Nokstella, Eternal City, and kill the Baleful Shadow boss.

    Travel through Ainsel River North, on a relatively straight road to Nokstella. The Baleful Shadow can be found in the southwestern portion of Nokstella, Eternal City. When the hero wins the fight, Ranni gives him Discarded Palace Key, which opens a locked chest in the academy library. After the fight with Baleful Shadow, Tarnished will be in a new region called: Lake of Rot. It is highly not recommended to spend more than a few seconds in the lake, and otherwise, there is a high probability of catching Scarlet Rot, which is several times more dangerous than ordinary poisoning and much faster destroys the health of the hero. Therefore, it is very important to be treated while crossing the lake.

    Right behind the veil is a place with a boss – Astel, Naturalborn of the Void. This is an extremely dangerous and tenacious opponent using various magical attacks. He is also capable of teleporting away from the player. After Astel's death, go into the elevator on the north side of the room. It leads to a new region of Liurnia – Moonlight Altar. Now it's time to head to the library where there was a battle with Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon. Using the previously obtained Discarded Palace Key, the hero can open a locked chest, inside of which the Dark Moon Ring is hidden.

    Now, travel back to the Moonlight Altar Site of Grace. Ahead of the hero is waiting for several ordinary dragons, as well as an old acquaintance - "Glintstone Dragon Adula". From here, travel northeast to the Cathedral of Manus Celes. Inside the cathedral you can see a hole, to the right of the Site of Grace, leading down. It is necessary to carefully descend into it, jumping on ledges. At the end of the path is a room with the defeated monster Two Fingers and Ranni's body. You need to touch her body and give her the Dark Moon Ring. After that, her lifeless body will disappear, and she will appear before the hero in the already familiar Snow Witch outfit. Rennie will thank the Extinguished One for his help, wish him luck on his journey, and finally disappear into thin air. In its place, a couple of moments later, the Moonlight Greatsword will appear.

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