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Rya's location, quest, walkthrough, secrets

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Genre and what to do:
    Travel to Laskyar Ruins Site of Grace, and head to the North. Rya is located in a stone gazebo-like structure with a statue, near the Birdseye Telescope above the Laskyar Ruins. Rya asks for your help in recovering the stolen necklace. The house that she said brutish Tarnished retreated to is also to northwest. Near Boilprawn Shack sits gruff-looking Tarnished, by the fire. He will either sell the player a necklace for 1,000 runes or drop it after death. Either way, bring it back to Rya, and this quest will be done. She will thank the hero, say that she is from Volcano Manor. She will also pass on an invitation to the Volcano Manor estate to have the hero accepted. This is the last appearance of Rya, it moves to Altus Plateau.

    The next stage of the quest takes place in Volcano Manor. If you climb the Grand Lift of Dectus, Rya will be waiting at the steps behind the giant golems, which can attack player, if spotted. Talk to her and she'll instantly take you to Manor, where another Site of Grace will open. Talk to Tanith and receive the Drawing Room Key, then find Rya in the living room. You need to agree to join Tanith to continue the quest.

    Head down to a nearby hallway, and take the second door on the left. Rya is waiting nearby the wall at next room. Speak to her again to knowmore about her duties at Volcano Manor. Pick up a letter from table there. Read it to know anout some Mark, who must be assassinated. Speak to Tanith to understand that the letter contains your assignment. Travel to Warmaster's Shack in Limgrave, near the Colosseum. Head to the red summon sign, and then invade the NPC Mark's world and defeat it. Then return to Volcano Manor and speak with Rya once again. For the second time, Rya is in her true form and mentions the circumstances of her birth as she remembers them. Talk to Tanith, exhaust her dialogue, and then sit at the site of grace and progress time. Talk to Rya again to learn about the strange sounds behind the wall. Talk to Tanith, then exit the lobby and turn into the room to the right of Rya.

    The portrait on the wall is actually a walkway to the Site of Grace for Prison Town. It's full of snake warriors, though you can run past them to the balcony-like area with two small hanging cages. After reaching the Guest Hall Site of Grace. From there, continue the journey until you will see a massive gap, and a lever that will activate the nearby drawbridge.

    You'll get to a large cathedral, and you'll come across Godskin Noble. It is recommended to use Mimic Tear Ashes so boss won't be attaking player only. Pick up Serpent's Amnion from the altar after defeating the boss, and go to Rya. Leave Volcano Manor and return after giving Rya the the quest item, or simply pass time at the Site of Grace. Talk to Tanith, she will tell you that Rya is gone now. She'll give you a Tonic of Forgetfullness and ask you to give it to Rya to drink if the truth about her origin causes too much pain.

    Quickly return to temple of Eiglay and take the elevator that started working after the death of Godskin Noble. Behind the altar there is a balcony, behind which there is a path to a hill covered with lava. You need to get over the lava, which is a room with Rya. Now there are two usual options to finish the quest, and the third is to spare Rya. That is, not to kill her, and not to give her the Tonic. For 3rd quest ending - return to Volcano Manor, complete the quest by dealing with Rykard, and then return to Rya once more.

    You can kill her, hear her gratitude, see her taking her serpent form. And loot behind the Daedicar's Woe talisman If you give the Tonic to Rya, she will forget everything. Tanith will be pleased, but after defeating Rykard, everyone will leave the Estate and Rya will be left alone. Tarnished will still receive the Daedicar's Woe when Rya eventually leaves.

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