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Seluvis's location, quest, walkthrough, secrets

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Genre and what to do:
    The tower of Preceptor Seluvis is located southeast of the Ranni Tower, and to unlock Seluvis's tower, you'll have to visit Ranni's Rise, and begin the Ranni the Witch Questline. Getting there, you need to go into the building, and start a conversation with a wizard in a fancy hat. The professor is ready to help in the study of magic, and the sale of spells. But to do this, he asks to fulfill a mission for him - to give a bottle with a potion to a woman named Nepheli Loux. The initial location of Nepheli depends on previously completed quests - for the first time it appears in Stormveil Castle. Inside the fortress, talk to her father, Gideon Ofnir, you can give the potion to him, or Nepheli. Gideon will offer the hero to tell Seluvis that the potion was given to Nepheli.

    In conversation, she will refuse to accept a potion from Seluvis and say that she must first do an important job. After the conversation, she will leave the fortress and go to the Village of the Albinaurics. Go to the Village. To the east of it is Nepheli, sitting under a bridge. Talk to her and you can start a boss battle - Omenkiller. The boss is able to move quickly, and deliver lightning strikes. A particular problem will be the assistant boss - dogs. They will attack the player from all sides. After killing the enemy, you should return to the Fortress of the Round Table - Nepheli is already waiting there. In Roundtable Hold you can go down the stairs near the blacksmith, and find Nepheli near the left wall. She sits on the floor and looks sad and doesn't want to talk about the potion.

    Gideon Ofnir does research in the library. After talking to him about his daughter's bad mood, you can talk about the Seluvis task. Gideon will offer the character to give the potion to him to get rid of him, and not to give his daughter a drink from a suspicious sorcerer. Don't give a Nepheli potion. If you give her a potion, she will drink it and stop moving, not reacting to external stimuli. Then go back to Seluvis tower, and tell about the completed task. A satisfied wizard will agree to teach you magic. You can also buy a Nepheli doll from him.

    If you give the magic potion to Gideon Ofnir, he will ask to trick Seluvis – to tell about the successful transfer of the potion Nepheli. At the tower of Preceptor Seluvis, the sorcerer will be happy with the completed task, and will help the character learn witchcraft. Buy all you want from him, because the next time you visit his tower he will be dead.

    The puppeteer also has new tasks. You can start it after you've moved forward in Ranni's quest, after visiting the basement in the process of completing the Sellen task. You need to go down the steps, click on the statue with the inscription about the Seluvis doll, which can not be touched. You can start the quest only before Ranni leaves his tower and goes wandering. After her departure, Seluvis will become unavailable for conversations. The sorcerer sits in his laboratory. In conversation, you can ask him for a new doll - the wizard will give a choice between several available for purchase. All puppets are summonses of spirits - they can be summoned in battles against strong enemies. Having taken possession of the next puppet, you need to use all dialogue options.

    Return to Selouvis after a while. He'll explain some of his motivations and mention a way into Nokron, the Eternal City. The Wizard will offer a unique puppet, but he needs an Amber Starlight to create it. You can find the right item on the Altus Junction Site of Grace, on the way to the capital of the kingdom Lindell. You need to move to place of Grace Altus Highway Junction. Nearby there will be a small quarry where you can pick up amber. After receiving the Amber Starlight, Seluvis will thank the hero and give him the Magic Scorpion Charm. As well as a bottle for Ranni.

    If you talk to Seluvis again, he will offer a new adventure – to try to turn the witch Ranni into a doll. After telling about the girl's identity and fragile will, he will give the player Amber Draught, which she must drink. Then again there will be two choices - to give Ranni the potion or not to give.

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