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B17 Flying Fortress

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Rate: 67% /100 Price: $1400   Buy B17 Flying Fortress for Windows   Download demo B17 Flying Fortress

Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

Genre and what to do:
They called it 'The Mighty Eighth', the US Army Air Force 8th Bomber Command that flew daylight missions over occupied Europe, striking at specific military targets with pinpoint accuracy. B-17 Flying Fortress 'The Mighty Eighth' grabs all the latest revolutionary 3D graphics technology to recreate that period and gives you total control of every aspect of this strategic air war (including the opposition).

Offline gameplay:
Publisher: Atari
ESRB Ratio:

Extras and features:

Requirements: Pentium II 300MHz, 128 MB RAM, 8 MB VRAM, DirectX compatible sound card, DirectX 7 ,  Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP

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player'S REVIEW
Author Comment Date
Dave Hey people, this is a great game. There is one small problem with it however. It is called RTFM. Read 30.09.13
lee look yo cant move it cos u dontkno what ur doin alls u need to do is read the instructions god alls you do to fly is click the pilot press A then press M and you can fly it its not hard same with all the stations 05.05.08
steve .very nice game . but it seems everything is on autopilot. it wont let me fly it 24.01.08
bla i'v got the game but i don't know how to take off in the campain cos it's realy hard and confusing but it's great game and u need a joystick like i have 17.01.08
grimley this one was quick for me,compared with wot i hav 2 wait sumtimes. i have had to leave my pc on for 2 days ath the max on other downloads 04.11.06
Wolfgang I owned this game a while back, but lost it when i moved... i remember dramatically flying through the fields of flak... it can be a very tense game, the graphics are good too. i remember watching one of my b-17's wings come off and spin down and hit another of my bombers... i actually felt sad. 17.10.06
G-UNIT love Playin ww2 games dog 15.08.06
nine_o_nine yeah.. its like memphis belle..! 25.06.06
aidy70060 By the pictures of this game it looks like a great game.My mate has played it and he says it is really good.Big game cos it takes ages 2 download but it worth it! 19.05.06
countryboy im goin at 387kb/s and 10 mins to go, im sure itll be a grrrreat game =) 23.01.06
Capt. Yossarian Broken download! I used to own the original game and loved it. Must have for ww2 buffs, but on this DL version my save games don't work. It won't save. 14.01.06
jack the fit lad ich bin elf jahre alt wo wohnst ich wohne in hull das ist in England kappe las MALL TYCOON 2 ist tacen ages 24.11.05
coolguy hoe do u play 13.11.05
Rattler Its a great game, Ive played it for hours. Sometimes a bit repetative untill later on in the games. Good game if you have the patience for these, though it is kind of old. 30.06.05
nety It seriously dose take ages yesterday i was downloading it and i waited for like 2 hours and it was nearly finsihed, until i got disconected from the internet so im trying again today hopefully it will work 25.06.05
B17 captain takes ages in the year 2003, lol but not now in 2005 Yay. 18.06.05
eamonn the great this game loads at 55.4KB/sec and is gonna take 2hours and 9mins it beter b worth it or heads r gonna role 22.04.05
game player man this freeking game is so fun dude! 08.03.05
stocky what a corker of a download! chocks away chaps! 24.02.05
Azza Very Complex by the time I had worked out some of the controls the trial period had finished you basically need to be an ex B-17 Pilot I might ask my Grandpa. 21.12.04
Young man seems I was born just yesterday..this download will turn out great! Im going to play B-17 reealllly soon! 14.12.04
SeaWolf I can only download this game at 315 kb/sec and its going to take 20 mins,hope its a good game 28.11.04
me well im a big fan for ww2 and b17s i dont care for the download but i love the game so much 21.11.04
Wicked Weasel Now I know how Rip van Winkle felt! I'll be able to collect social security bu the time this downloads! 04.11.04
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