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ZX Spectrum and glasses.

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Genre and what to do:
    If your first personal computer was ZX Spectrum, which games you'll be playing now? I mean if you are that old.:) Seems I'm remaining in vanilla 1990s-2000s, when it wasn't casual to pay for ingame upgrades, and player felt being boss like, by modifying game rules to own favours. This is only expression of my opinion, and which games I've played and completed myself. Most innovative games with unique concept listed here, not all, just some I've noticed. For me, these old games are much more exciting today than modern bestsellers.
    I also intesively use these tools, for games listed under 3,4,6,7, and some other too. Borderless Gaming and ReShade.

    When playing Gothic 3, I often had to refer to quest guides over internet, by pressing Alt-Tab. After pressing it a few times game was crashing and I've had to relaunch it. With Borderless Gaming utility, problem dissolved. No need to wait for game engine reloads, and no crashes at all.

    Borderless Gaming - is the utility that hides standard window borders and makes games look like you're in fullscreen mode. By pressing the Alt-Tab key, you immediately can switch to another application, i.e. to read how to complete a current quest at some website.

    ReShade is a set of mini programs which works with GPU and make old and new games artwork to look better in an artistic way. Reshade supports advanced SMAA anti-aliasing based on depth edge detection, ambient image depth enhancement, depth of field effects, chromatic aberration, dynamic screen grain emulation, adjustable saturation, contrast and color correction, overlay layer co-processing, multi-pass anti-aliasing, etc. By adding 50+ modern effects to old game meshes and textures, ReShade can polish up low detailed ingame objects and landscapes. Oblivion and Gothic 3 visuals can be compared with Witcher 3, if ReShade is used and properly tuned.

1. Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos.
    Unlike other RPGs released around 1993 year, especially so many titles devoted to D&D series - LOL offered smooth movement and side turning. Leveling system and ruleset was more advanced and unique than in other games. The fact you start at level 5, and end up at level 9 in almost all D&D series was always upsetting me. By playing mage, it was still useful to level rogue skill, as it brought more hitpoints vital to survive.

2. OpenXcom.
    OpenXCOM (later - OX) – is the shell, that combines completely rewritten program code of original XCOM series – Enemy Unknown, and Terror from the Deep. Please note, that original game copy needs to be bought (yep, it’s still commercial).
    OX gives a possibility for player to change all of ingame parameters, including units/weapons/buildings stats, game artwork, and so on. A bunch of bugs not fixed by original developers, solved by the team. Shell welcomes mods, and it’s really easy to integrate them with the game.

3. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul.
    The Elder's Scrolls IV: Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul- probably the best and biggest Oblivion Mod which changes merely every ingame aspect. Player's characteristics, combat math, perks, NPCs AI and behavior, etc. Added new factions, sailors which can join players, bandit groupings, and even animals can become friendly now upon some conditions. One of the most prominent Mod changes implemented into the game is the removal of the so-called auto-leveling system.

4. Gothic 3 Alternative Balancing.
    Completely reworked game logic and math. Player really needs to survive even closer of endgame part, challenges await behind every corner. Strength, hunting skills, and ancient knowledge, upon reaching values ????of more than 254, require double training points and gold to pay for. This makes the Alchemy profession and gathering much more essential to earn money. With an alternative balance in Gothic 3, the player may be attacked by more enemies at once.

5. Civilization V with Community Patch.
    The Community Patch is the crucial part of a whole Civ5 modification concept, mainly aimed at improving AI, resource balance, and leveling up gameplay logic. It is a collection of independent authors' modifications and their symbiosis.

6. TABS - Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.
    Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a constant life-and-death struggle until someone could 'die' from laughing. Can a tank defeat twenty Vikings, and will it pierce its armor? Who will be stronger - a mammoth or a knight? It's a pity they didn't add dragons, although there are lizards. How many balloons do you need to lift a minotaur into the sky, and can a vampire drink the blood of a tank Da Vinci?

7. X3: Reunion.
    X3: Reunion is a logical continuation of X2, and a significant expansion of the game universe X. X3 remains designed for a single player who can fly in space and build his economic empire, fight enemies, make wars and change the global economy by building corporations.
Hope, someone will find this short sketch useful.:)

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