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Rate: 86%
Price: $2995
    Purchase WALL STREET RAIDER game   Read WALL STREET RAIDER review(s)
Wall Street stock market/corporate financial modelling and learning experience
Rate: 86%
Price: $2995
      Read UPLINK: HACKER ELITE review(s)
Steal sabotage launder erase and frame all on all way over your computer.
Rate: 86%
Price: $2995
      Read HACKER EVOLUTION review(s)
Become a hacker, in the nearly fairly advanced hacker game
Rate: 86%
Price: $2995
      Read BS HACKER - REPLAY UNLIMITED review(s)
The greatest hacking journey game returns with fresh thrilling levels...
Rate: 86%
Price: $2995
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Brick by Brick and Day to Day- You're the Man. Male or female? Civilian or...

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Hacker Evolution: Untold

05.10.09 76% More...
Use your hacker adroitnesses to prevent computers from fitting the next dominant

Hacker Evolution

27.03.08 83% More...
Become a hacker, in the nearly fairly advanced hacker game

HACK3R Puzzle

08.11.06 63% More...
A amusing recreation of the universe of cyber-espionage featuring 4 the merely p

BS Hacker - Replay Unlimited

04.05.06 79% More...
The greatest hacking journey game returns with fresh thrilling levels...

Mindlink 2005: Underground

30.06.05 74% More...
You are the underground hacker agent, working for the Mindlink agency.

Uplink: Hacker Elite

14.12.04 84% More...
Steal sabotage launder erase and frame all on all way over your computer.

Antivirus Tank

08.11.04 35% 0.47 mb
The tank fighting opposite to viruses. The viruses are created of your screen.

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History of games part 4
Structure level is usually complex so that its passage is a puzzle. In contrast to the usual maze in which the direction and movement capability of the current point is well known, the situation here can be quite confusing, and way, just peculiar genre of Arcade.
Difficulties arise from two main reasons. First, the screen is visible only part of the current level, in connection with which the user cannot easily imagine a complete his plan and choose the best possible route of its passage. The calculation of this route is mainly through trial and error, as the user has formed better and better idea about the overall structure of this level.
A second problem for the user is the fact that he cannot be sure that a certain area of ??the playing area is irresistible: it is quite possible that he simply not found a way to overcome it. We can see an example from the game Prince of Persia, which also applies to the class described here. If we assume that the unit horizontal width of one plate, then the user most quickly discovers that he can jump over the failure of a width of 2. As you progress through the game, he finds that, in many cases insufficient, and learn how to jump with hang on the wall "through the failure of a 3. However, it turns out that's not enough! Running jump to hang overcomes the failures of width 4. Note also that in the game Prince of Persia II there are situations when the starting point and finish line are at different heights, which allows to overcome the even greater failures.
The situation described above is a typical game of this type. In cases where the hero must overcome the obstacle met him jump in length and height at the same time "very often. If the user at the same time finds that he lacks "quite a bit, it can mean one of two things. Either the authors of the game put the teasing, but an insurmountable obstacle, forces the user to search for the hero's way around to the point of destination, or the user did not calculate precisely the place hopping, or a way to control your character during the jump.
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