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Uplink: Hacker ElitePlayer's Award

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Rate: 84% /100 Price: $1999   Read full Uplink: Hacker Elite reviews

Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

Genre and what to do:
You are an Uplink Agent. You live through your computer. You hack into rival computer systems to steal sabotage launder erase and frame. You use the money you earn to upgrade your systems buy new software and configure new tools. More dangerous and profitable missions become available as your reputation and experience grows. Speculate on a fully working stock market or even influence its outcome. Modify people's academic or criminal records.

Offline gameplay:
Publisher: Strategy First
ESRB Ratio:

Extras and features:

Requirements: Processor: Pentium 300 MHz DirectX 8 32 MB RAM Free hard drive space: 250 MB ,  Windows 98/98SE/2000/Me

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player'S REVIEW
Author Comment Date
drill .i like uplink 13.03.08
H4X0R Forget this... head on over to It's better, plus you don't even have to download it! 02.09.07
bob <b> nice </b> review! 07.08.07
man .ti is avery good game 31.05.07
amnesia_shock .how do I play hacker elite ONLINE????? PLEASE I need HELP! 28.05.07
Anony Check out the game manual hint hint 20.09.06
minus [psychedelikkk wizards] i was play this game sometimes before. Now i'm cisco networkng master ;D this game isn't 'ideal' simulation of hacker's work but i stil can run this game 08.09.06
the matrix in the game uplink the tools are rell and can be made and sold by me 04.09.06
INgrid read the pdf file. There are all the codes in. The pdf file is included 24.07.06
The Void To get the code, when it has been installed there is an Adobe Reader option. If you go down onto the 3rd page I think it is there is a large table which gives codes across from around 1-13 and down from around A-U. Use this to get the code. 09.07.06
me all of u hackers, its not funny just tell us how to do it. And i no a fair bit about computers but i have no clu how to get it started 06.01.06
LexXxaN code for line B row 8 is 61 if u need another write me MFG LeXxaN 12.11.05
Delphi this game is a must have, must play if your realy into the hacker life than this is for you keep in mind that nothing depicted in the game existe :P 19.08.05
Orion good 20.06.05
Francisco what is the code it says row B, line 8 31.05.05
dex the codes are in the uplink help manual 20.05.05
The Martyr Undeniably addictive, but i found it a bit too easy... mind you i'm a hacker anyhoo, so... ^^ 20.04.05
DKK This game is AWESOME once you figure it out! 25.02.05
James If you know a fair bit about computers, this game will make much more sense, I found this game great fun to play, and spent a long time on it, you can even change the graphics to custom ones. 19.02.05
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