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Full AIR STRIKE 2 review
Rate: 85% Price: $995
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Intense helicopter three-dimensional game that makes you fly and fight above all
Rate: 84% Price: $1988
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You're in supervision of the world's nearly fairly advanced nearly fairly deadly
Full COMANCHE 4 review
Rate: 75% Price: $1999
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A Blood Pumping, Eye Popping, Action Shooter in the Sky
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Whirlwind Of Vietnam

13.01.10 41% More...
On March, 8, 1965 the initial troops of the US Marine Corps landed on the...

Air Strike 2

10.07.07 85% More...
Intense helicopter three-dimensional game that makes you fly and fight above all

Comanche 4

05.04.07 75% More...
A Blood Pumping, Eye Popping, Action Shooter in the Sky

Elite Helisquad

10.06.06 56% More...
Continous bombings and aerial attacks destroying our cities have to end!

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History of air combat, part 9.
Stages of aerial combat.
From the movies we imagine how the air battle. Two aircraft make complex maneuvers in the air to go opponent in the tail and hit him on the back hemisphere. Nevertheless, this is not the whole dogfight, it starts much earlier. The loser is usually lost before the planes seized in this dizzying tangle. True, at this moment She has no clue about it.
In a dogfight can distinguish five basic steps:
1. Detection.
2. Rapprochement.
3. Attack.
4. Maneuvering.
5. Discrepancy.
DETECTION. This is a fairly responsible phase of the forthcoming aerial combat. You cannot hit what could not detect. That modern dogfights occur at great speed and Time take minutes, and seconds, leaves no time for pilots long-term thinking and decision making. Therefore, beat enemy by their actions even for a few seconds is paramount importance. Early detection of the enemy allows you to first start preparatory maneuvers, and perhaps even catch him off guard. And when, and you'll be discovered, the initiative will already be in your hands.
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