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Insaniquarium DeluxeSilver Crown award of TGPlayer's Award

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Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

Genre and what to do:
Action-puzzle. Discover fantastic underwater world full of beautiful fish and dangerous creatures! The task is to feed fish and protect them from evil creatures. As your fish are fed well they grow up and drop coins, which must be collected in order to buy upgrades and pieces of eggs. A level is complete when you earn three pieces of the egg. As soon as you collect enough coins you can buy new fish, upgrade quality and quantity of food pills, weapon, etc. On completing a level you are awarded with a pet, which help you in fulfilling different tasks. Among your pets are swordfish, snail, sea horse, oyster, mommy fish and many others. There are four fascinating game modes, which meet wishes even the most fastidious players.

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
Insaniquarium Deluxe is an exciting fast-paced game, which requires good reflexes. You.ll be greatly impressed by beauty of underwater world, its bright colors and high quality of animation. Sound effects are diverse and match perfectly to the whole atmosphere. In-game options allow adjusting music, sound effects, screen mode and hardware acceleration. The highlight of the game is the possibility to use your virtual tank as screensaver; you can buy any fish you want and enjoy them even when you are not playing.

Offline gameplay: 1 player
Multiplayer: No
Publisher: PopCap Games
ESRB Ratio: Everyone

Extras and features:
a) Beautiful 3D Graphics.
b) Four Amazing Game Modes: Adventure, Time Trial, Challenge and Virtual Tank. c) Adjustable Screensaver.
d) 24 Lovely Pets.
e) Numerous Ruthless Creatures.
a) Repetitive music.
b) There are no difficulty modes.

Requirements: Processor: PII 350 MHz DirectX required 128 MB RAM Hard drive space: 35 MB ,  Windows 2000/98/Me/XP

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Rate: 86%
Professor Fizzwizzle needs your help!
.player'S REVIEW
Author Comment Date
!!!!!!!fish!!!!!!!! OMG!it////'s soooo cool i////'ve downloaded it like 100 times and played it nostop! 13.07.08
stephen .i rate this game:100%/100% 03.06.08
soga .this game is the best game ever i love it is wonderfell,good,the best,nice i really like it it is the best . do u like it i know ?i know i do. it is soo good i have said to much) 03.06.08
brandin i love this game but i already have it. 01.01.08
Travis yea if u make the game 15 bucks that would do! 14.07.07
dragon book this is da best game ever i wish it were free so i play all day and i give 200% 19.02.07
mr.lime If u go on lime wire download limewire and then search in programs for the game i got mine free that way 02.02.07
leon thay should deffently make it free it rules 31.01.07
Nikki If u like this game, I think you will like Feeding Frenzy 2 another one of my favourites! 07.01.07
turbo993 stop cryin ppl buy it! it is sooo worth it, when i get the exstra cash i am gonna get virtual villagers :P 04.01.07
Mat Absolutly Brilliant Game Love It! Completed It Hundreds Of Times And Will Continue To Love It FOREVER! 25.11.06
bl4st3r wonderful,funfull game.Must try.I bought it ;-) 11.11.06
sam if your not going to make it free please extend the trial period to 2-3 hours instead 05.10.06
meeeeeeeeee how can such a stupid sounding game be soooo good?! love it loads 17.09.06
beefybeebuzz dude i read one page of this and i have seen enough this game is really loved kudos o the creators oh yea and if you people love it so much just buy it save up and get it we all know it wont be free online theres no possible way why would a company WANT to lose money? for kids who are addicted they want them to buy the game and plus if you already have it youll have a reason to be happy all the time u always will say"i gtg home and play a fish game buy" consider it buy it and be truly happy inside we all know that we wont find it free they even made the unlimited online version all gay and crappy for us to buy it! DUUHH! would you want to lose money y putting out a free trial!? BUY JA DANG GAME! i will very soon ill keep you all updated(maybe) c ya later i dont check my email but i have an aim which is beefybeebuzz like my sn bye everyone fellow fish game lovers i love you all MUAH! 21.04.06
xeon nice 04.04.06
Luute It's worth it to buy. 20 bucks isn't much for such a cool game. 29.03.06
leigha this game is awesome and there is away that it is free if you downlode it! e-mail me if any questionsok 20.03.06
e.s lover of game ok these are kids games but are dum parents wont bye them for us so piease please please make it so we can download it on to our competers for ferr i ean one game please peace out god bles e.s 19.03.06
james wat is your email people 04.03.06
karma pay the 20.00$ to get it, and quit crying for it to be free....NOTHING is free !Period 11.02.06
<3 i love this game but i want the full version....why is it $20??? 22.01.06
T.W.C just one wird ' awesome!' 02.01.06
Tiffanie This game is awesome! I could'nt find a better game no matter how hard I tried! Oh i'm sorry wheres my manners Im 11 years old and I got addicted to this game and cant budge from the computer to have dinner!no really! this game rox! 23.12.05
Jez Mancini I dont want to download the insaniquarium deluxe i just wanna play it online bout i cant download it cuz it will take ages since i dont have broadband! 01.12.05
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