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Rate: 88%
      Read KUDOS ROCK LEGEND review(s)
Mouse-based 'Kudos: Rock Legend' simulation.
Full PONY LUV review
Rate: 88%
      Read PONY LUV review(s)
Pony Luv is the continuation of the Puppy Luv series of games.
Rate: 88%
      Read CREATURES: THE ALBIAN YEARS review(s)
The Albian Years is a recompilation of the primary Creatures
Full MY BOYFRIEND review
Rate: 88%
      Read MY BOYFRIEND review(s)
Will you win your dream boys heart?
Rate: 88%
      Read CITY LIFE DELUXE review(s)
Construct the City of the 21st century with City Life! From superb villas in...

full Life simulation games for PC

Product name Added Rate   Download

Kudos Rock Legend

31.10.07 88% More...
Mouse-based 'Kudos: Rock Legend' simulation.

Kitty Luv

21.12.07 85% More...
Raise your personal little kitten right on your personal compu

Ciao Bella

30.07.07 84% 21.32 mb
Help young Elena face her daily challenges and test your personal ability to mak

Pony Luv

16.01.07 82% More...
Pony Luv is the continuation of the Puppy Luv series of games.

Pet Pals: Animal Doctor

12.04.07 80% More...
Diagnose and treat 35 thrilling fresh cases in Legacy Interactives latest and...

Puppy Luv

21.06.06 79% More...
Puppy Luv is the perfect pet, no necessity to catch him external in the rain.

Escape From Paradise

01.07.07 79% 29.69 mb
Five major games, one epic adventure!

Puppy Luv: A New Breed

26.06.06 78% More...
Features virtual puppies who you can call your fresh travel and domestic compani


19.12.07 78% 20.00 mb
An extremely magnetic game that allows you to supervision someone's life.

Creatures: The Albian Years

17.04.06 78% More...
The Albian Years is a recompilation of the primary Creatures & Creatures 2.

Pet Pals: New Leash on Life

05.02.09 76% More...
Help the animal shelter give sick and deprived pets a happier, healthier...

Fish Tycoon

31.03.06 76% 13.00 mb
Fish Tycoon is fish breeding sim game where you breed and care for exotic fish.

Miss Management

30.08.07 75% More...
Become an office manager in Miss Management Game!

Singles: Flirt up your Life!

16.07.09 74% More...
Conquer the heart of appealing Linda or compose Mike fall in love with you!

Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children

30.05.07 73% 30.00 mb
Continue the epic story of the castaways of Isola in Virtual Villagers: ...

Vice City Manhattan

19.12.06 65% More...
Battle your path on all path above New York as a cop or as a Mafia babe. Crime p

Kudos 2

31.08.09 58% More...
Career, companions, pets? Its your Kudos 2 life!

Virtual Villagers - The Secret City

02.07.08 51% 44.28 mb
Guide a tribe of castaways as they unravel the mysteries of Isola!

Mark and Mandi Love Story

15.04.09 46% 24.60 mb
Help Cupid locate beyond the differences amongst Mark and Mandi, and advance the

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