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Full JEWEL QUEST review
Rate: 89%
Price: $1995
      Read JEWEL QUEST review(s)
Explore the immemorial Maya ruins period of time discovering sheltered treasures
Rate: 89%
Price: $1995
      Read SUPER COLLAPSE II review(s)
Now you can play Collapse! in Puzzle, Strategy or the fresh Relapse modes.
Full SPEEDY EGGBERT 2 review
Rate: 89%
Price: $1995
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An all-new journey that you don't wish to miss!
Full PARADOXION review
Rate: 89%
Price: $1995
    Purchase PARADOXION game   Read PARADOXION review(s)
Paradoxion is an advanced logic game, a true gem for logic rebuses solvers!
Full JEWEL QUEST review
Rate: 89%
Price: $1995
      Read JEWEL QUEST review(s)
Explore the immemorial Maya ruins period of time discovering sheltered treasures

full Logic games for PC

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Mad Caps

03.03.07 71% More...
Unbottle the amusing with Mad Caps, a conundrum game gone MAD!

Treasure Fall

30.06.07 71% More...
Play this classic item matching game manufactured for absolutely everyone!


21.03.05 70% 1.00 mb
Building figures of a blooming flowers.Game: Buy time, Buy flowers, Kid game,...

Gold Rush

12.01.06 69% More...
A classic match-three game.

Hoyle Puzzle Games 2005

05.01.06 68% More...
Play old classic and fresh invigorative games.

Tropical Puzzle

04.09.06 67% 11.53 mb
Tropical Puzzle is a puzzle-solving entertainment with pleasing tropical visuals

Snow Ball

03.03.07 66% More...
Help Santa acquire his Christmas gifts rear from the harm imps!


12.01.06 64% More...
These thrilling rebuses are available in 2 modes: Classic manner and Express mod

Absurd Atlantis Deluxe

07.08.03 64% More...
Help Neptune free the creatures from their shark captors.

Gem Shop

04.03.07 63% 7.00 mb
Match blazing gems and keep customers happy!

Tangram 3D

06.09.08 60% 2.80 mb
Tangram puzzles 3D, more than 300 puzzles to solve, 7 and 14 pieces sets.

Gold Miner: SE

12.01.06 58% More...
This is a fresh portion of Gold Miner game. Newer, cool and even

Super Bounce out

07.03.09 56% More...
Bounce beyond enough quantity of balls in defined time.


13.02.06 51% More...
Match 3 or even more


26.05.10 51% 16.97 mb
Bump, bounce and roll your path to freedom!

Bugs Inc. Deluxe

05.01.06 51% More...
An operation conundrum game. Connect bugs to remove them from the screen.

Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 3

04.06.08 51% More...
Bend your brain with hundreds of Collapse! puzzles.

Lighthouse Lunacy

09.08.10 51% 10.80 mb
Fred is tired of during game plot his bosses film games and it is upwards to yo


05.01.07 51% More...
Your wings were lost as a result of harm ToadWitch's immemorial spell.

Maui Wowee

12.01.06 51% More...
Make matches period of time sliding pieces of the game horizontally or verticall

Go! Go! Rescue Squad!

20.09.10 51% 63.10 mb
Rescue desperate citizens from fires, exploding chemicals, collapsing...

Rainbow Drops Buster Gold

06.03.07 51% More...
Gorgeous artwork, thrilling sounds and film benefits, and aloft characteristic

Suji Moji Master

04.06.08 51% More...

Super Collapse

07.08.07 51% More...
Find rows and columns of three or even m

Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 4

03.02.09 51% More...
The brain-bending amusing continues in Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 4!

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